100-year-old woman sets Guinness World Record as oldest female competitive powerlifter

A 100-year-old woman has been named the world’s oldest female competitive powerlifter, nine years after she initially took up the sport.

Smashing it! 100-year-old granny gets powerlifting record

Edith Murway-Traina, 100, impressed with a 68kg lift back in 2019 aged 98 but it has only just been recognised officially by the Guiness World Records team.

The great-grandmother took up power lifting after reluctantly agreeing to go to the gym with a friend when she was 91.

She said: “She didn’t want to go by herself. She dragged me kicking and screaming all the way, so that’s more or less how I got there. I saw all these other ladies lifting weights, and it looked interesting”

Edith is a former dancer, and has said that she enjoys the applause she hears when she succeeds with a lift as it reminds her of her glory days on the stage.

Her achievement will be published in next year’s edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Her pal Carmen Gutworth – whom Edith first accompanied to the gym – jokingly gushed about Edith’s victory and success story, claiming that her friend has always been full of determination.

She told the New York post: “You can’t drag Edith anywhere.

“Edith kept going because she always keeps going. She will not quit, and anything that’s hard … that makes her more determined. If it’s easy, she might get bored, but if it’s hard, she’s going to do it.”

Edith had to take time out from her powerlifting at the start of the pandemic but will soon be competing once more, for the first time as a centenarian.

She has said that her desire to quash the “sweet little old lady stereotype” motivates her further.

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