‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans BEG Amy Halterman, Get Gage Off GROSS Floor

1000-Lb. Sisters fans are begging Amy Halterman to get her son Gage off the gross floor following her recent Instagram update. The TLC personality took to her profile earlier today to post a series of photos featuring baby Gage “acting silly.” While fans were excited to see an update on the little guy, some were a bit off-put by one of the photos in the bunch. Why did she put Gage down on the dirty floor?

This isn’t the first time she’s been criticized

Unfortunately, Amy Halterman found out the hard way it isn’t easy to be a reality TV mother. Hawkeyed fans are waiting around every corner with magnifying glasses to see what they can criticize. As we previously reported, Amy Halterman was blasted for one of the very first photos she shared on Gage on Instagram.

Why? Well, because he was on a filthy bed. The bed was stained and appeared to have old food on it. Fans were horrified that she would allow her baby to be on a bed that disgusting. It was later argued that the bed wasn’t actually at her house. But, fans doubled down on the fact that she shouldn’t have allowed anyone to put her child in a gross environment.

Since that time, Amy Haltmerman has always been criticized for her housekeeping skills. Eagle-eyed fans are quick to spot overflowing trash cans and cluttered countertops in the background. They question if the home is really going to be safe for baby Gage once he becomes mobile.

That being said, it probably wasn’t too much of a surprise when 1000-Lb. Sisters fans found something to pick at in her newest photos of baby Gage. But, what is the beef this time? Well, it is the fact that that she had him on the dirty floor.

Amy Halterman blasted for putting Gage on the dirty floor

One of the photos in the collection Amy Halterman shared on Instagram included baby Gage on his back on the hardwood floor. Fans were horrified to see this photo. One fan questioned why Amy didn’t bother taking a few moments to put a blanket on the floor first. Take a look at the photos Amy shared and the comment questioning Amy’s placement of Gage down below.

Amy Halterman Instagram
Amy Halterman Instagram

The critical comment had nearly two dozen likes suggesting this wasn’t the only fan to feel this way. Amy Halterman’s Instagram followers got into a bit of a feud in response to the comments. Some noted a little dust and dirt was good for Gage’s immune system.

Others argued it wasn’t about the dirty floor. It was about putting him on a hard floor with no blanket or pillow or cushion for comfort. Again, some defend Amy insisted it might have just been placement for a picture. After all, fans have no idea how long he was actually on the floor for.

Amy Halterman Instagram

So, long as Amy Halterman continues to post pictures of baby Gage, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans will be waiting with opinions and judgment. Unfortunately, that could be why Amy doesn’t post on Instagram all that often. Though, she has told us here at TVShowsAce during an interview that she welcomes parenting criticism and advice because she’s a new mother.

Do you think fans are too critical of Amy Halterman’s pictures of baby Gage? Or, do you think they are just worried about his well-being? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.

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