13 Gorillas Test Positive For COVID-19 At Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta Reveals 13 Gorillas Tested Positive For SARS-CoV-2

We didn’t see this coming but new report has it that a group of gorillas located at a Georgia zoo have tested positive for COVID-19. The zoo believes one of the staff members might’ve pass the virus along to them.

Zoo Atlanta reveals that 13 of their 20 gorillas are positive with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Apparently, the gorillas were showing weird symptoms in the recent days and then test were ran on them by a local lab.

According to reports, some of the symptoms that the gorillas suffered from were runny noses, coughing and changes in their appetite. Now it looks like this has caused an outbreak at the zoo.

One of the elders of the zoo, known as Ozzie who is 60 years old also tested positive. Him and the others are being provided with monoclonal antibodies. Very soon, the gorillas will be receiving the Zoetis vaccine which is strictly developed for animals. Several zoos have already implemented this treatment.

Now authorities are looking into this to see how this might’ve happened, but it seems one the employees have proved to be positive and could be responsible for spreading it. It was not on purpose, the zoo is stating that the employee was fully vaccinated and would wear PPE.

Currently the zoo is still allowing humans to visit the gorillas because according to the CDC, animals can’t give the virus to humans.

The zoo has also reported, it’s hard to get them social distance because they travel in packs of three or four. So it’s pretty hard to keep them separated.


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