17 Alternative Places You Should Visit on a Trip to Germany

  • From Berlin and Munich to the Baltic Sea and the Black Forest, there’s plenty to see in Germany.
  • If you’re after a less touristy experience, there are many under-the-radar spots to check out, too.
  • Even some locals won’t know about these places.

If you’re thinking of traveling to Germany any time soon, the European country is packed full of places of interest: from Berlin’s club scene and Munich’s museums to the Baltic Sea and the Black Forest, there’s no shortage of fascinating places to check out.

If, however, you’re looking for something a little less tourist-oriented and something a little more off the beaten track, there’s a whole host of stunning spots most tourists won’t have on their itineraries — some of which many locals may not know about.

Here are 17 of Germany’s best-kept secrets, according to editors at Business Insider Deutschland.

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