17 details you probably missed in 'The Matrix'

The scenes in the Matrix have a greenish hue.

  • "The Matrix" premiered 22 years ago, but fans may not have caught all of these details yet.
  • Scenes inside the Matrix have a greenish filter to them, distinguishing them from the real world.
  • There are twins and triplets in the background of scenes before the glitch theory is explained.
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Trinity’s fight scene has been parodied in plenty of other movies.

matrix dym 1
"Shrek" parodied the fight scene from "The Matrix."

Trinity’s fight sequence at the beginning of the movie is a very stylized scene that features slow-motion moments of her jumping and attacking multiple agents in midair.

This fight has since been parodied in plenty of other movies, including “Scary Movie” (2000) and “Shrek” (2001).

Trinity and Neo’s room numbers match their characters.

matrix dym 2
Neo later discovers he's "The One."

Trinity is first discovered by agents while she’s in room 303, which seems fitting, given that her name means a group of three.

Neo, who later discovers that he is “The One,” lives in room 101 — continuing the trend of fitting room numbers.

The agents of the Matrix paint Morpheus as a “terrorist leader.”

matrix dym 3
An article about Morpheus pops up on Neo's computer before he's introduced.

Before Neo wakes up in his first scene, his laptop screen is lit up with an article about Morpheus.

The article mentions a recent failed attempt to take Morpheus into custody and calls him a “renown terrorist leader.”

This allows viewers a chance to see the Matrix’s description of Morpheus before Neo and Trinity talk about him in the club scene.

A seemingly casual line early in the movie may have foreshadowed Neo’s choice to escape from the Matrix.

matrix dym 4
Someone tells him to "unplug" when he's stressed.

Choi shows up at Neo’s apartment early in the movie to buy a disc from him.

He sees that Neo is stressed and tells him, “You need to unplug.”

Though the line may have seemed like an innocent comment at the time, it foreshadowed that Neo literally needs to unplug himself from the Matrix to get to the real world.

Neo uses a multicolor pen that seems to hint at a larger decision.

matrix dym 5
Neo appears to choose the blue ink on the pen.

Before Morpheus calls Neo at work, Neo signs for an envelope using a multicolored pen.

The pen has red, green, blue, and black ink options, and he appears to choose to sign with the blue ink.

This could be an early sign signifying that Neo wasn’t ready to choose the red pill that allowed him to see the truth behind the Matrix when Morpheus presented the options. 

Some of the film’s cast members actually had to read the book Neo uses to hide his disks.

matrix dym 6
The directors asked the cast members to read a few philosophy books before filming.

When Choi shows up at Neo’s apartment, Neo sells him a disk that he pulls out of a hollowed-out copy of “Simulacra and Simulation” by Jean Baudrillard.

Morpheus also quotes from this book in the movie. 

According to the New York Times, this was actually one of several philosophy books that the directors, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, asked the main cast to read before they started filming “The Matrix.”

Neo’s file reveals things like his age and education level.

the matrix dym 7
His file says he was born in 1962.

When Neo is captured by the agents at work, one of them shows him his file in the interrogation room.

It details things like Neo’s academic history, place of birth, and when his file was last updated.

On the file, his birthday is marked as March 11, 1962.

In the movie, it’s 2199 in the real world, but it’s 1999 inside the Matrix, making Neo around 37 years old.

Different color filters indicate whether a scene is happening in the Matrix or the real world.

matrix dym 8
The scenes in the Matrix have a greenish hue.

The coloring of scenes throughout the movie helps viewers determine which are taking place inside the Matrix. 

Moments in the Matrix are tinted green, but scenes set in the real world have a cooler, slightly blueish tint.

Neo learns at least four different fight styles.

matrix dym 9
The fight styles are programmed into his brain.

Neo has multiple fight styles downloaded into his brain so that he can learn how to defeat the agents of the Matrix.

During the process, viewers can see that jiujitsu, drunken boxing, and Tae Kwon Do are all downloaded.

Neo later mentions that he also learned kung fu. 

Twins and triplets can be spotted throughout the movie during scenes set in the Matrix.

matrix dym 10
Viewers later learn that these are glitches in the Matrix.

Glitches in the Matrix occur when agents are changing things, and they present as repetitive content — such as the exact same thing happening twice or several of the same person walking by.

Morpheus and his team are on the lookout for these repetitions, alerting viewers to the phenomenon. But twins and triplets can be spotted in the background of scenes before the glitches are even mentioned or explained. 

Two moments in the movie seem to use water to imitate the Matrix code pattern.

matrix dym 11
The code pattern appeared on screens throughout the movie.

The Matrix’s program has a specific code pattern that can be seen on screens throughout the movie.

And in some moments, even water patterns seem to imitate the code. 

This is first noticeable when the window washers wipe down a window outside Neo’s office. A second instance seems to occur when water from a sprinkler system falls inside of the room where Morpheus is being held.

Rabbits are shown and mentioned throughout the movie.

matrix dym 12
Morpheus tells Neo to "follow the white rabbit."

The first instruction that Morpheus gives Neo is to “follow the white rabbit,” a message that Neo sees on his computer screen when he wakes up in the Matrix. 

Neo listens to this and accepts the invitation for a party from a girl with a white rabbit tattoo, which eventually leads to him unplugging himself from the Matrix and entering the real world.

When Neo goes to visit the Oracle, there are also rabbits on the TV screen in the background.

This is most likely an allusion to “Alice in Wonderland,” where the titular character follows a white rabbit into a magical, dream-like world — only in the film, Neo is actually escaping into what he believes is reality. 

The reference is further cemented when Morpheus says to Neo, “You’re feeling a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.”

Neo’s reflection is shown often throughout the movie.

matrix dym 13
Neo appears in the reflection of Morpheus' glasses.

Neo can be seen looking at his own reflection throughout the movie, both in the Matrix and the real world.

His reflection appears in Agent Smith’s and Morpheus’ sunglasses, as well as in a spoon, car window, and lighter.

Consistently showing Neo looking at his reflection seems to be a reference to the dual identities of characters throughout the movie, as they exist in the Matrix and the real world.

The same phone books are shown at Neo’s office and in the Oracle’s kitchen.

matrix dym 14
Both scenes take place inside the Matrix.

Neo has two versions of a “City Phone” book in his cubicle at work.

When he visits the Oracle, she also has the same two phone books on top of her fridge.

Including the exact same books in both scenes helps to highlight the fact that they are both taking place inside the Matrix.

The Oracle has a famous philosophical quote in her apartment.

matrix dym 15
"Temet nosce" roughly means "know thyself."

When Neo visits the Oracle, she shows him a quote she has on her kitchen wall that reads “temet nosce,” which she explains translates to “know thyself.”

This is actually a famous quote from Ancient Greek philosophy and myth, which the movie took inspiration from

When the same cat passes Neo twice, the audio of its meow is repeated, too.

matrix dym 16a (6)
The cat is a clear example of a glitch in the Matrix.

Neo tells Morpheus’ team that he had a déjà-vu moment when a black cat walked by him twice.

The team takes this very seriously, as they know it indicates a glitch in the Matrix, and that the agents have changed something in the space they’re in.

When the cat passes Neo, it’s not only the exact same cat both times, but the same “meow” audio clip plays, as well. 

Shortly after, the building they are in suddenly has new brick walls. 

Neo and Agent Smith’s final fight seems to be inspired by old Westerns.

matrix dym 17
The fight scene has a lot of elements found in classic Western movies.

Before Neo and Agent Smith fight in the deserted subway station, they stand across from each other in a face-off, similar to the fighting style found in old Western movies.

But instead of tumbleweed, papers dramatically blow past them before the fight begins. 

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