25 Year Old Woman Finds Out She’s Pregnant After Spending Hours In A Party

In recent news, a 25-year-old woman found out she was in labor without the knowledge of knowing to be pregnant. If the woman who gave birth was in shock, one could only imagine her husband’s reaction when he finds out he has a mysterious second child born out of thin air.

Lorna Goodings enjoyed a nice evening during a dinner party where she encountered serious stomach pain and was immediately brought to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, Lorna was in for the shock of her life as the medical professionals had diagnosed the 25-year-old was in labor and might be giving birth in a short while.

The big question on everyone’s mind is how can a woman not notice that she is pregnant even after the bloating of her stomach. However, months ago, when Lorna came to the doctors regarding her condition, they had dismissed it, stating that the bloating was caused due to the contraceptive implant.

She even took pregnancy tests multiple times to ensure that the situation she was facing wasn’t what she expected it to be. But to her dismay, the test results came out negative each time, adding more virility to the contraceptive implant theory.

Months after the bloating occurred, Lorna finally sensed something was not right as she had already gone through pregnancy once with her elder daughter Vivienne in June 2020. When she was admitted to the hospital, Lorna was informed that she had only a few hours till the baby came out and urged her to be admitted to the ward.

In this whole fiasco, Lorna did not tell her 42-year-old husband, Nick Burdiak, about the second secret pregnancy. This decision came as she felt that her husband wouldn’t make sense of the whole situation, considering how he would have been drunk from the party after a few pints.

She explained that “I didn’t even tell Nick – as I knew he would have had too many pints and wouldn’t understand.”

But all turned out well as Lorna gave birth to August 1, 2020, in Northampton General Hospital, weighing slightly over 8 lbs 2 oz. At the end of the event, Nick claimed to be proud of the occasion and explained how he found it amazing that his wife handled the situation.

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