3 late-offseason trade targets for Phoenix Suns to consider

The Phoenix Suns are just getting over an NBA Finals’ loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. They entered the series as the favorites but it did not come together this season. The Suns are in a good position moving forward but the fate of Chris Paul could change that quickly.

After an 8-0 run in the bubble last season still kept the Suns out of the postseason, they were aggressive in their pursuit of Paul. They went into the trade with hopes of the future Hall of Famer sticking around for a few years but he will have the option to leave after just one.

Paul has a player option for next season. If he opts in with the Phoenix Suns, it is likely that he is interested in an extension. If he does not, Paul will have the chance to sign elsewhere this offseason.

Phoenix would like to keep him in town. There was a huge change of culture with Paul in the building. The Suns finished as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference and had the second best record in the league. Both Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton thrived with Paul at the top of the offense.

This was no surprise for Ayton given Paul’s history of making his frontcourt better. They cannot control the fate of Paul just yet so the front office could look elsewhere.

There are plenty of options on the trading block this offseason. It is going to be an exciting time in the trade market and the Phoenix Suns could be involved. Here are three players that would be intriguing trade targets for Phoenix this offseason.

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