3 Signs Big Ed & Liz Are Getting Married

90 Day Fiance stars Liz Marie and Big Ed are engaged, but some fans are convinced they are doing it to gain attention. However, Soap Dirt is here to report on three signs the couple may get married.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed & Liz Marie Seen Together

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans are wondering if Liz and Big Ed are going to get married. The last time the couple was seen together was on the Tell-All. They ended up fighting during filming. Liz accused Big Ed of acting verbally abusive towards her. Also, she says he did things she didn’t like.

In addition, a phone call recording of the two of them arguing was leaked. A lot of fans were unhappy with the way Big Ed was treating Liz during this phone conversation. He called her horrible names and yelled at her over and over again. This is why a lot of people believe the two may be faking their relationship. Many people would have a difficult time truly repairing the relationship after a blowout like that, much less getting married.

Yet, the 90 Day Fiance couple is hanging out together in Santa Barbara, California. One person who saw the couple together says she saw Liz wearing an engagement ring. Plus, the fan adds that they looked happy together.

TLC Celeb Spotted in Unique Location – Big Ed’s Backyard

That’s not the only reason why people believe the couple may stick together. Other 90 Day Fiance fans saw a picture of Liz Marie wearing a beautiful dress. Many fans pointed out that they realize she’s in Big Ed’s backyard. A recent photo of her at his home points to them spending more time together. Could they possibly be discussing wedding plans?

90 Day Fiance: Liz Marie Ignoring Comments

There’s another sign that Liz Marie and Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiance are in it for the long haul. After all of the drama came out between Liz and Big Ed, a lot of people became concerned about her. There were some fans who were rooting for Liz and her relationship with her now fiancé. However, a lot of individuals expressed their disappointment about the engagement between the two of them. Some even went as far as hoping the rumors about their engagement were just rumors.

Often, Liz from 90 Day Fiance would spend time responding to comments from people who spoke against her decisions. However, she’s now completely avoiding any questions and comments fans are leaving for her. This is what’s making people believe she’s in it with him for love and not just publicity. Many fans are anxiously awaiting the couple’s wedding and are convinced they are really getting married.


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