30 Of The Craziest Haircuts Ever

Despite having the occasional bad hair day our hair is one of the most important things we should look after. 

In general hair grows back easily so we should experiment with it more styles that suit our features or perhaps personalities. Occasionally there have been totally bizarre hair styles which have been a result of a huge mistake. 

We have compiled a collection of strange, crazy, funny hair pictures from all around the world.

Scroll down to take a look at these hilarious hairstyles.

1. Wolverine?

2. Not the wisest choice.

He must have regrets.

3. Transformation needed.

Take a look at his bangs and sideburns.

4. He seems happy.

5. Not sure what to make of this hairstyle.

6. Hair Curtain??

7. Colourful to say the least.

8. Was Bart Simpson her inspiration….

9. When your haircut goes belly up.

10. Mushroom haircut?

11. How on earth does this even look flattering?

Looks interesting and colourful.

12. Spongebob roaming the streets.

13. Rat or monkey tail?

14. Did she change her mind half way through?

15. Double mohawk.

How did he achieve this look?

16. Is That Meant To Be A Mohawk?

He would have been better off shaving it all.

17. Footballers and their hair…..

Are you even surprised.

18. Curve ball cut.

19. Multi Colour!!

20. Hilarious!

21. Reminds you of Johnny Bravo.

Johnny’s was much better.

22. This is such a fail.

Go to a professional.

23. Mullet….?

I just don’t understand this hairstyle.

24. Tarantula….oh wait it’s just a hair bun.

25. Candy???

26. Maze Runner….

27. Giddy Up!

28. Eyes In The Back Of Your Head.

29. Right About Now The Funk So….

30. Flower Power

31. If You Like Pina Colada.


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