31 Year Old Mom-of-Two Dies Of Breast Cancer after Doctors Say There is Nothing to Worry About

This month, a mother who was battling breast cancer passed away less than a month after she said her “I do’s.” She was only 31 years old, and her husband now hopes her tragic story will help other women. 

Sinead Richards’ life changed forever toward the end of 2019 when she first discovered an unusual lump on her breast. She was nervous about seeing a doctor, so she put it off until early 2020.

At first, doctors told the Stanningley, England resident there was nothing to worry about. According to them, she was “too young” to have breast cancer. However, her partner of 12 years, Liam McDonagh, did not want her to leave it there.

A young woman who was battling breast cancer tragically passed away a few weeks after her wedding | Photo: Facebook/sinead.richards.9


At his persistence, she returned to the doctors, and that’s when the diagnosis was confirmed. She did, in fact, have advanced Stage Four breast cancer. For 18 months, a brave Richards would fight her debilitating illness.

Tragically, the young woman McDonagh described as a “living angel” passed away in September 2021. This devastating occurrence came less than a month after she tied the knot with her beloved partner. McDonagh is grateful for their special day.


Richards was a mother to 2 young girls, Page and Georgie. In a moving tribute for his wife, the grieving widower said that her illness and death had immensely impacted him and his family. McDonagh added that Richards was an amazing woman.

He said she was adored by everyone who knew her. McDonagh has made it his mission to raise awareness about breast cancer, and he urges women to get checked if they are concerned about anything health-related.


McDonagh expressed: “When we were in the hospital, people would give us a second glance as they couldn’t believe how young we were. I just want to show that this can happen to anyone.”

McDonagh spoke fondly of their wedding day, and while his wife was unwell, she put on a “brave face” and made sure it was a memory filled with love and happiness. After their special day, Richards’ condition sadly deteriorated at a rapid pace.


The last weeks were tough, and she spent them in a Leeds hospital. While she is no longer with them, McDonagh vows to raise their daughters well and continue their mother’s legacy. A fundraiser for the family was started to assist with their bills.

So far, more than £4,500 (about $6,100) has been collected and is going towards Richards’ funeral and to support the family. By sharing her breast cancer story, McDonagh hopes that at least one person will be encouraged to get checked by a doctor sooner rather than later.


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