4-Year-Old Girl Adopted by Police Officer who Saved Her from an Abusive Home

When a police officer saw a little girl covered in bruises, his heart sank. He knew authorities were looking to place her in foster care, and eventually, she stole his heart and ended up in his home. 

Lt. Brian Zach of Arizona is an officer with a big heart. Four years ago, he was placed on a case of tragic child abuse. Little did he know how the story would unfold. From devastating heartbreak came his greatest gift, a little girl named Kaila.

Kaila was two years old when Zach first met her. She was bruised and had various internal injuries, which she suffered in a violent home. He immediately saw she had “a very strong spirit,” and her story touched him.


The officer was no stranger to cases of child abuse and violence. A 13-month-old baby girl had previously passed away, and it was an “emotionally scarring” experience for him. He said: “Kaila could be that little girl, but God had a different plan.”

As Kaila waited to meet with social workers, Zach sat with her, and the two of them “made friends.” This interaction stuck with authorities, and when it came time for Kaila to be placed in a foster home, they asked Zach a big question.

Zach was questioned about whether he would act as a placement home for Kaila. Along with his wife, he said yes without hesitation. This decision changed their lives, and Kaila’s stay with them soon went from short-term to a more extended period.

Weeks and then months went by, and Kaila remained with the police officer and his family. Zach shared that not knowing where she would eventually end up made him feel sick. He was emotional when he spoke about her future.

Zach had seen what could happen to kids who ended up in the foster care system and he was concerned for Kaila. Amid his worry, he continued to shower her with love. Together the family made many memories, including a visit to Hawaii.

It has been years since Zach took Kaila in for temporary placement. Now, he and his wife are her official adoptive parents. Detective Heath Mosby, who knew Zach from high school, was amazed by the officer’s commitment.


Mosby said that he had never heard of an officer doing such a remarkable deed. Zach believes helping people is in his blood. The badges on his office shelf are all a testament to who he is—a good police officer and a great father.

Zach also had a word of encouragement for people who were considering adoption and fostering. According to him, bringing Kaila home with them was the best choice they ever made. Ultimately, he tells people to “just do it.”


A similar incident took place in a Route 66 city, Albuquerque, where a police officer adopted a newborn baby in need. Four years ago, officer Ryan Holets spotted an eight-month pregnant woman who was addicted to drugs.

A routine night patrol turned into a life-changing moment for him. After speaking with the woman for a while, he offered to adopt her unborn child. According to the mother, Crystal Champ, her prayers were answered at that moment. A month later, Holets brought baby Hope home with him.


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