45 clever things that are super popular on Amazon because they work so damn well

When I find a kitchen tool or something that makes cleaning or organizing super cheap and easy, I love to text my friends and family about it or buy it for someone I know will also love it. I know I’m not the only one who does this, right? All this excited chatter has a real-word result: When something is awesome, it gets traction and that leads to popularity. There is no easier place to measure that kind of popularity than Amazon because that’s where so many of us go to not only shop but also to rave about things that are better than expected for the price. I’m actually doing that right now, to be honest. I’m telling you that these 45 clever things are super popular on Amazon because they work so damn well.

When you have something small and valuable — such as cash, jewelry, or small electronics — where do you keep it so that it doesn’t go missing? How about in a safe that’s disguised as a dictionary? Genius! No one but the most dedicated word nerd will find it there. And what’s the best thing for getting clean after you go? If you said toilet paper, you have not been paying attention to the bidet buzz of late. But did you know that bidets don’t even cost more than TP? So cool. Keep reading for these clever items and more like them.

1. These two lint brushes for your dryer

When you thoroughly clean the lint from your dryer, it prevents fires while extending the life of that appliance. Keep one of these two, large and effective lint brushes handy so it is easy to do so regularly. Reviewers, who have given them over 9,000 five-star ratings love these, saying they are long and sturdy, grab tons of lint, and are totally worth the price.

2. This putty so fixing walls is as easy as putting on deodorant

When you want to repair the holes you made in your walls hanging pictures, you don’t want to spend too much time on it, right? This repair putty in a pop-up tube is super fast. Rub it over the holes, wipe off the excess, and wait for it to dry. You can do the entire apartment in minutes, and it’s an excellent fix. Reviewers say it’s super easy to use and you can hardly see there was ever a hole there.

3. A portable lock for extra peace of mind

When you are staying in an Airbnb or hotel, you won’t have to worry that someone else has a key to your room if you install this extra lock while you are inside. Even with a key, no one can open the door from the outside. But you can easily get out by pulling the lock out from the inside. It works great in apartments where management has sketchy control over extra keys, too.

4. This safe that looks like a dictionary

Want to keep some spare cash or other valuables on hand without worrying that the kids or a nosy neighbor will help themselves? This safe looks like a dictionary so, unless your potential thieves are also word nerds, this is the last place they’ll look. Even if they do look here, your goods will be safe inside a locked, heavy-duty steel box.

5. This brush that makes fast work of grout cleaning

This skinny, hard-bristled brush with a huge handle is your ally against filthy grout, turning what was a nightmare job with a toothbrush into a quick task. The brushes are thin enough to fit between tiles and stiff enough to work up a good scrub. The brush is shaped to take corners easily, and the big handle allows for a sturdy grip.

6. A luxury bidet that’s inexpensive & easy to install

Once you install a bidet, you will wonder how you lived happily before you had it. And this Luxe bidet attachment is so easy to install onto your own toilet that you’ll be up and running in minutes. Screw it onto the toilet, connect it to the toilet’s water supply, and go. Bidets are a revelation in easy, pleasant, everyday cleanliness. As one reviewer puts it, “an assertive jet of water thoroughly cleans your nether regions.”

7. This shelf that turns unused space into so much storage

Screw this pantry shelf to the inside of a door or a small stretch of unused wall and you instantly have storage for a huge quantity of kitchen staples, dry goods, spices, or supplies. It’s only 12 inches wide and you can position the shelves wherever you want in order to design exactly the storage space you need.

8. This genius shelf that slides between the washer and dryer

This clever shelving unit is skinny enough to slide between the washer and dryer, toilet and vanity, or fridge and counter yet spacious enough to hold all your laundry or cleaning supplies. Suddenly, everything is easy to access, completely out of sight, and not using up all your cupboard space.

9. A mattress pad that breathable, sized right & comfy

When you put a mattress pad on the bed you want the end result to be more comfort and a protected mattress, but so many of them fail at all of this or don’t fit. This one is generously sized, the sides stretch to fit, the fabric is breathable, and the pad itself is thick and soft. Reviewers give it 41,000 five-star reviews.

10. These magnetic details that spruce up the house

Stick these decorative, magnetic architectural accents onto your garage door and stand back as your house goes from boring to sophisticated. They are so easy to install because they are magnets. Just stick them on. Over 18,000 people are thrilled with these and give them five stars.

11. A cleaning brush designed for hard-to-reach edges

It’s frustrating to clean the track to sliding doors or those tiny cracks and edges in the kitchen and bathroom until you put one of these two skinny cleaning brushes in your hand. Then everything becomes suddenly easy and accessible. The non-brush end is a scraper for caked on crud, and the handle is molded to fit your hand.

12. This pumice stone that gets any toilet clean

When your toilet will not get clean with ordinary methods because of calcium deposits, limescale, hard water rings, iron deposits, or rust stains, pull this pumice wand out of its storage case and hit that mess with the big guns. It’s 5 inches of serious scrubbing power and will get that mess off of the toilet, the garden tools, the BBQ grate, or whatever you have that’s seems like it might be too far gone to clean.

13. This rack so you can access the pan you want

Instead of stacking your pans so that you have to get the entire pan out to reach the one you want, put them into this pan organizer that stacks them but lets you pull any pan you want from the stack. It fits into cupboards — either upright or on one its side — for quick and easy organization and gets over 11,000 five-star ratings.

14. A six-pack of motion-sensor lights for every dark corner

If you’re tired of stumbling around in the dark, you need these battery-powered stick-on lights. They come on only when it’s dark and they sense motion, and they are an affordable, fast, easy solution to lighting hassles. Stick them in dark corners, closets, drawers, or wherever you wish you could see better.

15. This water pitcher that filters our chlorine & much more

If you are disappointed by how much chlorine and other matter gets through your current water filter, this elegant solution has an activated carbon fiber filter that removes 98% of chlorine and mercury. Reviewers say their water tastes great, the pitcher looks gorgeous, it filters water quickly, and the filter has a huge capacity. Over 3,000 of them give it five stars.

16. This handy magnetic shelf for your stove

This genius magnetic shelf gives you a place to put your cooking essentials right where you need them — on the stove — and it’s so easy to install because it sticks to the top of your stove with strips of powerful magnets. When it gets dirty, just pull it off and wash it in the sink.

17. These markers and crayons that fix your furniture

If you are looking at a dinged and damaged piece of furniture and dreading the time and mess it will take to restore it, consider how easy it would be to fix it with this collection of wax crayons and markers. Choose the matching wood hue and use the crayon for deep dings and the marker for scratches. You’ll be done in a few minutes and there is no mess.

18. This moldable glue that can fix anything

Is there anything this stuff can’t fix? It comes out of its sealed packet soft and pliable. For 30 minutes, you can mold it to do whatever you need or stick to whatever you want — hold a broken plate back together, repair your shoes, heal frayed electronic wires — and then it starts to cure. After 12 to 24 hours it becomes a durable silicone rubber that is stuck where you put it and impervious to heat, cold, or electric charges.

19. A charging station for all your gadgets

Using only one plug and a small footprint on your counter or desk, this charging station will handle the charging needs of every gadget you have. There are four USB ports that recognize the power needs of whatever you plug in and respond accordingly. Clear dividers and a non-slip surface keeps your gear standing tidily upright.

20. A clever, expandable shelf for everything from spices to cosmetics

This spice shelf expands to fit your shelf or cupboard, going from nearly 17 inches to 32 inches wide. And it’s tiered with three levels, each with a lip, so you can see what’s on the back shelves just as well as what’s on the front. It comes in six colors.

21. A touchless soap dispenser for cleaner hand washing

Just put your hand under the spout of this 17-ounce soap dispenser and it drops the right amount of soap into your hand so you never have to touch the dispenser with dirty hands. It runs on batteries, looks elegant, and has a clear storage canister so you can see how much soap is left. Over 18,000 people give it five stars.

22. These two smart outlets at a terrific price

These two smart outlets connect to the Kasa app on your phone as well as to Alexa or Google Home to transform your lamps and other plug-in appliances into smart devices that will do your bidding with a tap on your phone or a word said out loud. They are just $7.50 each, making them a very affordable on-ramp to a smarter home.

23. A pair of mopping slippers for fun cleaning

Instead of dreading the house work, put on these goofy, microfiber chenille mop slippers and dance around the house, cleaning as you go. They also slide onto the head of most mops so you can use what you have to clean instead of tracking down the right replacement. It’s a 10-pack in lots of bright colors, so if you have kids, stick them on everyone’s feet and harness their play for the greater good.

24. These smart bulbs so you can control the lighting with your voice

When you are parked on the couch but the light is not conducive to romance or reading or whatever else is going on with you, wouldn’t it be awesome to just ask Alexa or Google Home to change the brightness or color? There’s no wiring or hassle between you and this indolent future, just change the lightbulbs to these two smart bulbs. Almost 17,000 reviewers say they work great and are a terrific value, giving them five stars.

25. The dishcloth that’s part sponge

These dish cloths are everything that’s great about cloth — flexible, hand-sized, machine-washable — and everything that’s awesome about about a cellulose sponge — super absorbent, quick-drying, textured — rolled into one perfect spongecloth. That’s probably why they are loved by over 20,000 reviewers. This is a 10-pack and there nine color options to choose from.

26. This desk shelf so you can have books or a printer at hand

This shelf is sized perfectly to sit on your desk and store a few books, tools, or a printer or scanner within easy reach while you work. It’s easy to assemble, comes in two colors — light and dark — and brings order to your workplace in a few minutes.

27. A foot scrubber so every day is spa day in the shower

For a delicious in-shower foot experience, drop this foot scrubber to the floor, step on it (it grips the floor with suction cups) and rub your feet amid the hundreds of scrubbing bristles. It feels great, gets your soles clean and soft, and then hangs on a hook to dry off and get out of the way. It comes in four colors and two sizes.

28. A set of burner covers so your stove is always clean

All those spills under the burners of your stove that you have to clean? Never again. Just cut these burner covers to fit, install them under the burners, and get a slick, uniform look. When you spill, as you inevitably will, these come right out to clean under running water. And if one is too messy to clean, toss it and replace with a fresh one.

29. A set of shelf liners for a clean & festive fridge

These shelf liners install easily into your fridge and instantly brighten up the interior, making the hunt for a snack much more aesthetically pleasing. They also wipe clean easily so your fridge stays spotless. The liners also protect produce and glass jars from the harsh glass surface by creating a slightly spongy surface.

30. These fingerprint padlocks so you can’t forget the combination

How many times have you thrown away a padlock because you can’t remember the combination? That can’t happen with this one. Just touch your finger to it to unlock it. It remembers up to 15 fingerprints so the whole family can use it. When it runs out of power, it stays locked. Just charge it, touch your finger to the pad, and it’ll open right up.

31. This light-blocking eye mask with built-in headphones

When sirens are blaring, the neighbors dog is barking, and the skylight won’t let you darken the room, this light-blocking eye mask will stop the cacophony so you can sleep. Super soft, memory foam padding on the inside feels soft and comforting on your face and completely eliminates light. And the tiny Bluetooth-connected speakers built into the sides play music, white noise, or audio books right into your ears.

32. These flameless candles that look just like the real thing

The ambiance created when you light a few candles is calming and romantic but the fire hazard is stressful. These flameless candles are the best of both worlds. LED lights create a realistic flicker and warm light you can turn on and off with a remote. Unlike real candles, you can put these candles on a timer, they are safe around pets and children, and you can control all the candles in the room with one remote.

33. A bamboo drawer organizer that expands to fit

Not only is this drawer organizer lovely to look at and created from sustainable bamboo, but it shrinks and expands to fit the drawer you put it in. If you put it in a wide drawer, pull the sides to extend it to 20 inches and gain an extra storage compartment on each side. Want to move it to a smaller drawer? Shrink it back to 13.5 inches.

34. This odorless and recyclable yoga mat

This thick and springy yoga mat is made from an eco-friendly TPE material that’s recyclable and comes with guidelines printed on it to help you line up your poses, place your feet, and locate your center line. It’s roomy, comes in eight colors, and is super light to carry.

35. These shelves you can install under a shelf or desk

Whether you need a little storage under your WFH desk rig or are looking to take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen cabinets, these under-cabinet shelves are an easy way to go. They slide onto a table or shelf — even in the fridge — and give you space to store dishes, desk supplies, or canned goods.

36. This quick fix to stop the side-stove spills

When a sauce or spoon slides down the side of your oven — between the stove and the counter — the cleanup is a nightmare that involves moving a large appliance. Prevent it from ever happening by quickly snapping these two gap covers over that space. Just cut them to fit and push them in. They will stay put, blend in, and are easy to clean.

37. This invisible lock for your cabinets

If you hate those plastic child locks, have a teen with an eye on your liquor cabinet, or just want an invisible way to lock a cabinet, these RFID locks are it. Install the lock on the inside of the cabinet, program your key card or fob, and close the cabinet. When you want to open it, only your programmed cards will do it, and the lock is invisible from the outside.

38. These guards stop clothes from falling behind the dryer

If you want to turn your washer and dryer into a folding area or just hate losing clothes behind the appliances, this fence system is the quick and easy way to put walls up to stop things from slipping behind your appliances. It uses super strong magnets to say in place and works on top of a washer, dryer, or fridge.

39. These storage bags that are better than single-use bags

You might purchase these reusable food storage bags out of a sense of conscience for the devastation single-use plastic bags wreak on the oceans, but you will use them because they are so much better than plastic bags. They seal well, are durable, wash easily, hold lots of snacks, freeze, don’t leak, and get over 9,000 five-star ratings.

40. This over-the-sink roll-up drying rack

Every kitchen needs one of these roll-up drying racks. Spread it over the sink as an impromptu drying rack for extra items or set a hot pan on it on the counter. Use it to wash vegetables over a sink full of dishes or set the cookies on it to cool. It’s so useful and so easy to store that you will wonder what you did before you got it.

41. This cordless water flosser that makes flossing fun

We all agree that flossing is good for our teeth and gums but doing it can be a drag. This water flosser is so easy — just fill it with water and shoot the high-pressure water pulse between your teeth — that you’ll grab it without a thought. It’s rechargeable, has a small footprint on the counter, comes with four nozzles, has three water-pulse modes, and holds about 10 ounces of water for fewer refills.

42. This spray that gets rid of the smell of smoke

Did someone smoke a nasty cigar, fire up the bong, burn the bacon, or light a butt in your home or car? This FunkAway spray isn’t just some scent in a can meant to mask or alter that smell, it’s an eliminator that encapsulates the smoke and stops the smell. Reviewers swear by it and say it’s must have for life around smokers.

43. This neck fan that’s a wearable blast of cool air

Wear this enclosed fan around your neck and it takes air from your environment, cools it down, and blows it at you so you can go around in your own personal bubble of chill. There is no external fan to catch your hair, it’s rechargeable, and it has three speeds so you can turn up the cool whenever you need it.

44. A cleaning wand that uses UV light to disinfect

Wave this cleaning wand over the kids’ toys, your phone and keys, your keyboard, or anything else you take out into the world. UV light has been used for decades to kill germs on surfaces and this UV light sanitizer wand is quick, portable, and runs on batteries so you can take it anywhere.

45. This slender fitness tracker that’s super smart

If you want all the benefits of a smart watch — health tracking, phone notifications, and a timepiece — but don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars or wear a giant one on your wrist, this slender, fitness tracker is here to tally up your steps at a glance, measure your blood oxygen level, keep track of calories burned, vibrate when you get a text or call, and much more. It’s compact, comes in five colors, and runs for days on a single charge.

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