5 Differences Between Board Games and Tabletop Games

When it comes to choosing between board games vs tabletop games, the difference is quite little. If you are also confused between board games and tabletop games, then you are not alone because the same is the case with many other game players who play the games but are not well aware of the differences and terminologies. If we look for a major difference between board games and tabletop games, we come to know that there is only a small difference between both and sometimes board games are often referred to as tabletop games.

What are board games? The simple definition of the board game is that it comes in a large box with a foldable board map or another material that lays flat on the table. So we can say that the games that are placed on the wooden boards are known as board games. Initially and traditionally, these games were played on a surface made up of cardboard. Nowadays, the board game can be played on any kind of flat surface that can be made of any kind of plastic, card, or any other material that is commonly used for gaming purposes.

The card game is a well-known example of a board game. Moreover, some board games also come up with accessories and tiles. These are placed either on the individual cards on the board itself. If you’re looking at the traditional board game, then you should consider the presence of board map tiles or other accessories while buying the game. The most well-known and common examples of board games include kill doctor lucky and monopoly. Dice games and card games are also examples of board games.

What is a tabletop game? Now it is time to look at the definition of the tabletop game which simply means any game that does not involve the use of any surfacing materials such as a mat or cardboard but is played on a raised or flat surface. Here it is worth mentioning that tabletop game is the broad category and board games are also included under this category. So we can say that a board game is a subcategory of the tabletop game. Moreover, you should also remember that anything that is physically set on the table is also included in the tabletop game.

If we look at the table tradition definition of tabletop game we come to know that board game is not a different category but is one of the tabletop game. However, according to the modern definition, both are different because not all the tower tabletop games have boards, and not all the board games involve the use of a table.

To give you a more clear idea of the differences between the two, we have compiled a list of five differences between board games and tabletop games.

Difference between board games and table top games:

1. Surface

The major difference between tabletop and board games is on the surface. The main reason that caused the whole conflict was the surface because not all the tabletop games can be played on the board and not all board games are included in the tabletop game category. So traditionally both games played as the same category but now modern tabletop games make a different category. Board games, card games, and even war games and strategy games are now recognized as different categories.

2. Components

Another key difference between board games and modern tabletop games is that they are quite different when it comes to their components. For example, they are without cards and accessories while board games do have cards and accessories. It is due to this purpose dice games and card games are included in the board game category while playing board games. So if you closely look at the components we come to know that not all tabletop games are board games. But still, traditional board games and card games are considered to be part of tabletop games.

3. Principle

The principles of playing tabletop games and board games are also different. For example, tabletop games work by preparing the imagination of the gamer. It simply means that tabletop games require the player to play some role while playing the game. So we can also regard them as role-playing games. Remember that these are the most popular ones that lie on a game master who controls the flow of the game and at the same time also serves as the guide for the players and tells them about their objectives. So whenever you learn and hear the term role playing games you should immediately understand that these are tabletop games.

4. Mass market games Most board games are mass-market games and they most commonly serve as hobby games as well. In these games, the success of the player depends upon the victory point gains that are sold. The pencil games and dice rolls are the mass-market games. However, these are not among the commonly played games. The board games that involve the use of playing cards are more common among the users than role-playing games. The games that involve rolling dice and starter deck are also included in the board game category. On the other hand, if you look at role playing games we come to know that they involve the interaction of dungeon master and tabletop RPG. It is due to this reason role playing games have their own definition as they involve usually a table but they can also be played online using mobile devices.

5. Luck and expertise

Board games usually involve the luck element such as playing cards. on the other hand, tabletop games are preferred by the most gamers who want to play games in one sitting and are fond of dungeons and dragons. they often involve the use of a standard deck and detailed explanation by

the players for every segment of the game. In simple words, we can say that when you play tabletop games, your main focus is to beat the other players and target the important aspects of the game.

Here it is worth mentioning that tabletop game is a more broad category and it has given rise to many subcategories.

General discussion on board games and table top games

We all are aware of the terms like dice games, card games pencil and paper games game board, and other games that are even not included in these categories. These pencil and paper games including tic tac toe are often very enjoyable. Due to this reason, they have become mass-market games and commonly include board games card usage.

if I talk about my favorite tabletop and board games, I want to share that I love to play the super fun Harry Potter games as well as the board games that are played on the bedroom floor and require the use of only one box. Some of the other games that are my most favorite games to play are Hogwarts battle and dice game.

Things to know before playing board and tabletop games

If you are totally new player and want to increase your knowledge about gaming, you should understand that there are various terms associated with these games.

1) Paper and pencil games were initially regarded as the board game category but now they are included in the role-playing game category. It is because the players make use of papers, pencils, and dice to navigate through the game and the game is also played on the top of the table.

2) Card-based tabletop games are quite similar to board game category as they come up with the Deck of cards and small boxes. It is up to the players to choose the relevant boxes and win the points. The most common examples of tabletop card-based games are pokar and Uno.

3) Dice games are also a particular type of role-playing game that involves the use of dice. The most common example of such games that are currently available in 2021 in stores and online marketplaces include Balut, Bunco and Yahtzee.

Final Verdict

Both of the games were traditionally revolved around game board but now the game world has changed and people consider them strategy games. As a result, they do not consider tabletop and board games as the same category. Many people play these games but they are not interested in knowing the differences between different types of games. However, if you have the knowledge, you can enjoy better performance and an improved user experience. Here it is also important to mention that you are free to use the terms interchangeably based on the features. But it is better to have a deep understanding of the differences and similarities.

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