5 Emergencies When Medical Alert Systems Can Save Lives


A medical alert system in the home can act as a powerful tool in allowing your loved ones to live independently for as long as possible. Acting as a safety net, a medical alert bracelet or pendant enables your loved one to have 24/7 access to emergency personnel should disaster strike. 

Whether it’s an elderly parent, relative, or friend, knowing your nearest and dearest have a helpline in the event of an emergency can put your mind at ease. With that in mind, here are five kinds of emergencies where a medical alert system can prove both valuable and lifesaving.


If a fire breaks out in your property, one of the most important things you or a loved one can do is press the button on the medical alert system. You may find that your loved one is too panicked and distressed to find their phone and dial 911, so having a device that can put them in touch with the fire department within an instant will put your mind at ease if you are not with them. The call center the device directs to will be able to contact the closest fire department for immediate dispatch. While there are measures that you can take to reduce the risk of a fire in a home, an immediate emergency response is critical, which is where a medical alert system can come in useful. 


No matter where you live in the country, burglaries can and do happen. Even if you believe your loved one lives in a safe neighborhood, you can never be too certain, so having your loved one wear or have a medical alert system in the home can be an added layer of protection. If someone tries to gain entry to their property, a quick push of a button will let the authorities know. The voice of a call center operator echoing throughout the home may act as a deterrent to scare the burglar away. Every so often, you will read stories in the newspaper about how an individual’s emergency alert system helped to catch a criminal.

Gas Leak

If you don’t live near your loved one, there are home emergencies that can be especially worrisome, such as a gas leak. It can be very easy for an elderly relative to suffocate from a gas leak or cause an accidental explosion. Thanks to technology, there are some medical alert systems that come equipped with integrated gas leak detectors. If there is a leak present in the home, the sensor will immediately contact the fire department for help. Carbon monoxide is a killer, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In addition to the medical alert system, make sure that your loved one has a carbon monoxide detector, which can add an extra layer of protection to both their home and personal safety.


As your loved one begins to age, their mobility may not be as good. While many of us would love to be with our elderly relatives all day and night, work and family commitments get in the way. If you have noticed your loved one’s mobility declining, it’s only natural that you will worry about them having a fall in the home. While a fall may not be because of a medical problem, it can definitely lead to one if your loved one doesn’t get help right away. Many elderly individuals may fall and don’t have the strength to get back up. If your loved one is prone to confusion or lives on their own, this can make the situation worse. Having a medical alert bracelet that they can wear will signal if your loved one has had a fall and notify the authorities. Your loved one may be losing their sight or have dementia, which can make it difficult for them to alert the authorities. This is why having a medical alert bracelet is so important. 


In some instances, a home caretaker or loved one will have a spare pendant on them, which they can use to contact the emergency services should their loved one go missing. If you have a member of your family who is prone to wandering, it’s understandable that your stress levels will rise, and you will fear for the worst. Using an emergency alert system may come in handy and help locate your loved one, thanks to GPS which is enabled on some devices. 

To give you reassurance, the operators who are at the other end of the medical alert system are highly skilled and capable of dealing with all sorts of situations and emergencies. Not only will they provide the best solutions, but they can also contact you too should your loved one find themselves in an emergency. If any of the points raised above concern you, it may be time to speak to your loved one about purchasing a medical alert system.


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