5 of the hottest photos shared by Love Island USA star Shannon St. Clair

Shannon St Clair on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @shannonsaint/Instagram

Love Island USA finished its third season in August, and fans are still watching to see what their favorite stars are up to after leaving the villa.

One of these stars is fan-favorite Shannon St. Clair.

When Shannon first came on Love Island USA, many fans doubted her sincerity, and her attitude turned others off.

When she first appeared, some fans questioned if she was on Love Island USA for the right reasons, and many pointed out her previous fling with millionaire Dave Portnoy.

Others were instantly turned off by her constant belittling of Josh Goldstein, who she coupled up with.

However, when Josh learned his sister Lindsey Goldstein died, he left the show to be with his family, and Shannon left with him.

This changed many people’s opinions of Shannon, and have excitedly watched her and Josh continue their relationship outside the villa.

This also includes following her on social media, where she has posted some very hot photos of herself for fans to enjoy.

Shannon before Love Island USA

When people sign up for consideration for a role on Love Island USA, they have to send in some photos that the show then uses to determine who they interview.

The show then uses these photos to promote the contestants.

This was a photo that Shannon sent in and is also on her Instagram page, selling herself to the show and its fans.

Shannon St. Clair on the beach

For anyone wondering what to expect from Shannon St. Clair on Love Island USA, look back over her photos, including this one from 2020.

The picture was by the ocean in Ocean City, Maryland, and it showed exactly what Shannon planned to bring to the villa in Love Island USA Season 3.

Shannon from a different angle

Shannon posted a photo from Hawaii where she included the caption, “I’ll meet you anywhere.”

A Fashion Nova dress was form-fitting and accentuated her curves perfectly, showing that Shannon was extremely hot from any angle.

Shannon at the Sand Castle Winery

Shannon at winery
Pic credit: @shannonsaint/Instagram

During her travels with Josh, the two went to the Sand Castle Winery, and they took time to take some photos.

This included Shannon in a little outfit that had her fellow Love Island alumni hot and bothered.

Trina Njoroge, Bailey Marshall, Mackenzie Dipman, and Olivia Kaiser all remarked about how hot the photos were, with Olivia calling Shannon “simply perfect.”

Shannon enjoys pizza in California

Shannon lives in Philadelphia and Josh in Massachusetts, but they have been enjoying big trips together.

They went to New York City and, more recently, took a trip to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, the two posted a date vlog on their Team Jannon YouTube page and also some great photos, including this hot photo of Shannon eating pizza.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. However, the show is currently casting for Season 4 and will return in the summer of 2022.


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