5 Video Games to Play During Quarantine


Covid-19 has forced people to stay away from each other. It has also left friends and families with a lot of idle time that needs to be filled with fun activities. Domyhomework123.com provides comprehensive assistance with assignments for students at all grades and on all topics. 

Video games provide the best way to spend time together as well as avoid mental health challenges. You can compete, pass time, and also learn a few things in the process. The best video games are those that accommodate all members of the household. Here is a review of the best video games to play during this quarantine season. 

  1. The Elder Scrolls 

The game is almost a decade old and continues to capture the imagination of fans. It is christened Skyrim to give it the impetous it needed to remain endeared in the lives of gamers. Its popularity has also seen the release of an upgraded version that hit the market in 2016. This remastered session targeted Xbox One and PS4 users. 

The game involves role play where you only advance if you kill the monsters blocking your way. As you advance, you will gain skills that help you to tackle the challenges ahead. It is a flexible gaming idea that has seen more versions released to cater to diverse needs. 

2. Rocket League

Football does not have to be played with the legs all the time. Even cars can be good in the game as proven by Rocket League. It provides a refreshing blend for persons who love both soccer and racing cars. 

Rocket League is perfect for playing with friends because it is supported by multiple platforms. Such support enables you to play with friends or family without the restrictions of devices. The game gives you five-minute sessions to compete with the option of a tiebreaker if you draw. 

3. Fortnite

The game has been available for a while now, meaning that you could have come across the platform. The game is not restricted to consoles. It is designed to be responsive to all apple devices. 

The game features 100 players where only the last-man-standing will win. You have to college weapons and materials that will help you to survive out of the island. You also have the option of building an infrastructure of a fort for your protection. It does not offer second chances. In case you fail, you have to start all over again. 

4. House Party

House Party takes interactions to a new level with an option for chats. The developers have also borrowed features from other games to increase engagement. It allows beginners to enjoy their wins and graduate up to pro level. You can play the game on iOS or Android. 

5. Destiny Two 

The design is to play with the environment or against another player. It has a robust story compared to its predecessor and offers options for multiple players. You have an option of three sessions, where the best of 3 wins. 

Video games offer an excellent way to pass time during the quarantine. It is the choice of games that will determine your level of ease and fun. Always choose games that allow you to collaborate with friends and family. 


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