50 Cent and Micheal K Williams beef explained

50 CENT has been branded “disrespectful” following posts he made about late actor Micheal K Williams.

Among the rapper’s comments, he cited a feud between the pair that dates back to 2018. Here we explain all.


50 Cent had been labelled as “disrespectful” for his comments about the late actorCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Why was there beef between 50 Cent and Micheal K Williams?

According to reports published in 2018, the pair became enageged in a ‘feud’ after 50 claimed music executive James Rosemond, Jr., a.k.a. Jimmy Henchman, was assaulted while in prison.

Roseman had been serving his life sentence after being found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot against Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher – who was believed to be a friend of 50 cents.

Williams subsequently released a video calling 50’s claim “completely false” without mentioning him by name.

50 didn’t appear to appreciate Williams showing of support for Rosemund and made his feelings known via a series of offensive posts that warned him to “mind your business.”

He also proceeded to post a photo of a gay sex scenes involving William’s character in the show The Wire.

What did 50 Cent post about Micheal K Williams?

The 46-year-old rapper shared a screenshot of the news report about The Wire star’s death, that was announced on September 6, 2021.

In the caption, 50 plugged his own show Raising Kanan.

“Damn if you didn’t see Raising Kanan check it out that fentanyl is no joke, killing the clientele. R.I.P Michael K. Williams,” he wrote.

He also, captioned his post on Monday, “don’t ever try to understand me i’m different. I don’t do all the fake love s**t.”

50, posted a article from 2018 citing a 'feud' between him and the later actor


50, posted a article from 2018 citing a ‘feud’ between him and the later actorCredit: The Mega Agency

Why did 50 Cent delete the Instagram post?

The post was ultimately deleted as fans started bashing him online, posting screengrabs of his “disrespectful” comments.

 One angered fan wrote on Twitter: “50 Cent is my favourite rapper ever, but this is disrespectful as hell and corny , he is a bi*** for that, can’t defend the n**** no mo, RIP Michael Williams.”

Another person wrote: “I lost a huge amount of respect for 50 cent, that n**** does not know when to stop.”

Another commenter chimed in: “50 Cent is not a real human being bro it’s just no way.”

At the time of writing, the rapper has yet to address his controversial posts since deleting them.

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