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6 of the Best Positions for Men

  • Topping, or taking the more active role during, can come with a lot of pressure if you aren’t experienced.
  • Mixing it up in the bedroom can open a new world of sensation for you and your partner.

For queer people, figuring out whether you like to top, bottom, or switch (also known as “verses”) can be the first step to having a fulfilling and pleasurable

But sometimes, if you’re a top – or person who likes to have a more active role  – you may feel pressure to find creative ways to mix up

Here are some positions for that can help take the guess work out of the night.

Missionary allows you to make make eye contact, kiss your partner, and maybe get in a bite or two while you top them.

Your partner lays on their back facing you while you thrust on top of them, allowing for deep penetration.

Doggie style can be a great way to top your partner. Like the position name implies, your partner kneels on all fours while you penetrate them from behind.

For added sensation, you can also reach around and give them a hand job at the same time.

Spooning can be an intimate position that lets you and your partner cuddle as you penetrate them. Like doggie style, your partner faces away from you as you penetrate them from behind.

Rider positions can let you top while giving your partner more control. Your partner can lower themselves onto you and ride while you lay on your back.

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