6-Year-Old Girl Faced Traumatic Experience When She Was Not Allowed to Play Soccer For a Silly Reason

A little girl returned home in a puddle of tears after she was purportedly demoralized. Prevented from partaking in a soccer game over her hair clips, the girl found the experience “traumatic.” 

This month a mother from North Carolina shared her outrage after her daughter was not allowed to play a soccer game. The message posted on Facebook has since gone viral, and many viewed the events as “degrading.”

The incident which occurred in September involved Da’Raille Marshmon’s six-year-old daughter. She was reportedly removed from her soccer team because of the clips in her hair. The mom called out the Hope Mills Parks and Recreation department.

The mother labeled their actions “subjective and culturally biased.” Marshmon also shared how the experience affected her daughter — she was emotional and began to doubt her appearance as a result. The mom said the ordeal was unacceptable.

Marshmon called the Hope Mills Parks and Recreation department’s ruling outdated and suggested various other courses of action they could have considered. She also believed that the torment and trauma her daughter faced “cannot be undone.”

Marshmon indicated that she hopes Hope Mills Parks and Recreation will issue her family a formal apology. She added that her daughter left the field saying: “I don’t understand what’s wrong with my hair! I’ve been wearing my hair this way forever.”

The family pointed out that other children wore hair beads and were allowed to play in the soccer game. Marshmon’s husband also asked if they should remove anything so that she could play.


They indicated that no one offered them an alternative solution. The father suggested she receive a warning about her hair in a desperate plea, but they declined.

When the girl’s father asked for clarification on the rules, a volunteer presented him with a paper that outlined what was prohibited. He discovered that there were no rules about “ponytail holders and clips.”

Maxie Dove, the assistant director at Hope Mills Parks & Recreation, commented on the incident and said: “We feel the situation could have absolutely been handled much better by the official.”

Marshmon shared that Dove “did apologize for the way things were handled.” Now she plans on making it her mission to avoid this from happening again in the future.

Netizens also shared their opinions on the matter. People said they were sorry the little girl had to endure this treatment. One user added: “This is wrong in every way possible. Contact the media. They need to hear this.”

Another commenter defended the girl’s clips and said: “My kids played soccer for 10+ years. I put those in my kid’s hair as well as bows.” Users hoped there would be justice for the girl and made sure to give her compliments, calling the youngster and her hairstyle beautiful.


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