7 Black Couples Running Successful Production Companies Together

Today, MTV Entertainment Studios and the Smithsonian Channel announced that the new docuseries, One Thousand Years of Slavery, would be produced by Bassett Vance – a production company headed by power couple, Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. The four-part series looks at the realities of slavery and how it continues to rewrite history even in the present day. As an executive producer of the project, Bassett said her production company’s primary objective is to “tell the globally comprehensive history of slavery.” She said in a news release:

“Finding the right partner and audience who share common beliefs and values was absolutely imperative as we navigate a topic that still hurts decades later. One Thousand Years of Slavery stretches the canvas beyond the 400 years we think we’ve traditionally learned about and I am thrilled to bring this storytelling to life with Smithsonian Channel.”


Bassett and Vance aren’t the only duo in Hollywood bringing important stories to the screen. Click below for a list of other Black couples that have founded successful production companies and are developing meaningful projects. 

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