7 Things To Prepare Before Talking To Your Business Accountant In 2020


The business world in modern times is intensely competitive. Running a business has become more challenging than ever, and business owners often struggle to keep their enterprise afloat. Hiring competent staff, especially in critical positions, has proven beneficial as they know their field inside and out.

Financial management is a crucial factor in running a business, and negligence can lead to severe loss. Not everyone is good with numbers, so business owners often hire professional accountants to do the job.

Some entrepreneurs consider recruiting an accountant a waste of money, and they believe they can better manage their money. Many a time, business owners find it daunting to let an outsider take a comprehensive look at their intimate details, as they think that they cannot trust a stranger with their money matters. 

As a business owner, you may have your apprehensions, but an efficient accountant can save your time, energy, and money. Although understandably, you do not want to share your numbers with an outsider and turn a blind eye, the smart way is for entrepreneurs to hire accountants and keep an eye on them. You should not leave money matters solely on an accountant and conduct regular meetings to have in-depth knowledge about your company’s financial state. Generally, business owners are unaware of finances and are at a loss about what they should discuss with their accountants. A comprehensive annual meeting with an accountant is essential, and as an owner, you must prepare yourself in advance and then indulge in discussion with your accountant.

Below we are listing a few points that you should prepare this year before talking to your accountant:

  • D-I-Y Business Tax Preparation

The accountant tackles the taxes to ensure that the company pays it on time. Tax laws are somewhat perplexing and require a more in-depth understanding, which is why entrepreneurs prefer taking accountants on board so that they can be at peace. However, as an owner, you cannot let your accountant deal with it and have no input. Experts recommend keeping a tab on taxes to know how much and when you are due to pay. The fact is that filing tax requires knowledge, and enrolling in MBA programs online can equip you with the relevant knowledge and tools that will help you discuss tax matters with your accountant.  

  • Revisit your Payroll Details

Companies tend to keep all the payroll details secure with them, and saving data on a digital platform has made it more convenient. However, some business owners do not consider it necessary to document everything and ignore retaining salary details of the staff. When it is time to pay taxes, all this information becomes crucial as tax payments include payroll taxes. Business owners who have a proper system to track the financial information all-around the year are in a better position to calculate the tax payments. Accountants know the significance of keeping the specifics of money matters safe, and as a business owner, you should have access to it and revisit it at the time of the tax filing. Accounting is thrilling, and if you are passionate about it, you can pursue its’ degree. Chances are you will easily land a job as companies offer different types of accounting jobs throughout the year. 

  • Cash Position

As a entrepreneur, you may feel the need to give your accountant some autonomy, but there is no reason to turn a blind eye towards your company’s financial dealings. For several operations, businesses need to spend money. Some entrepreneurs allow their accountants to sign and withdraw cash on their behalf and not keep track of their accounts. When it comes to tax filing, they are often taken aback by the expenses incurred by the company. It becomes difficult for big enterprise owners to keep track of every payment, but they should usually inquire about the big-ticket items. Hence, the company’s cash position never gets too, of course.

  • Gather Receipts of Expenses

Business owners hold the decision-making power, and they are the ones who set the rules for their companies, but if they do not take action on negligence, staff tend to start showing carelessness. To maintain the dignity of a workplace, you need to set some records, and it should include keeping track of all expenses. To run a company, you have to manage transportation, marketing, Internet, utilities, and several other costs. If you have already made it mandatory to save the receipts, you can ask for them around tax season and quickly examine the expenditure over the year. This year before you sit down with your accountant, you need to review these receipts and have information about the money spent that year. It is recommended to use accounting app such as Microsoft Access Cloud Database to keep an eye on your accounting. Learn more about it from Hosted Virtual Desktop providers.

  • Put Costs of Goods Sold in Black and White

Accountants keep details of the inventory, bills, and other expenses involved in manufacturing goods together to have an exact amount spent. A professional accountant never keeps the boss in the dark and always shows them a clear picture, but as an owner, you should already have an idea about your company’s position.

  • Tax and Investment Strategy

Businesses do not pay taxes and invest money every month, but a wise way is to prepare for them throughout the year. You must check with your accountant and ask around for investment and tax-paying strategies every month. If you think that your last month’s plans could not work out, you may ask your accountant to alter these techniques and devise new ones. When accountants know that the bosses will ask questions, they prepare strategies and are ready to show it to them whenever they ask for it.

  • Prepare Questions

An interviewer always prepares the questionnaire beforehand and is aware of the interviewee. When it is time for you to sit with your accountant, you need to have your questions made. Taxes are complicated, and you can take your accountant’s help in understanding them. If you find any discrepancy in accounts, do not hesitate to ask questions. Although your accountant may be managing your accounts well, as an owner, you should also have fundamental knowledge about taxes. Entrepreneurs should question their accountants, growing their understanding over time.


Business owners need to take care of several operations, which is why they hire professionals to ease their burden. However, they need to keep a check on them and oversee that everything goes smoothly. Taxes can confuse everyone, and accountants with their expertise can provide you with some help. As an owner, you need to have the necessary information about the process to question your accountant. Wise business persons always have thorough preparation before meeting with their accountants so that their meeting is fruitful.


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