8 Chill K-Pop Songs to Add to Your Study or Work Playlist

Studying or working can be a tedious task, especially when it’s your least favorite thing to do. But we still have to do it one way or another! Thankfully, there are some ways that we can make studying or working a bit more bearable and a bit more fun – play some K-Pop tunes!

With that, we curated a list of chill K-Pop songs that are perfect to add to your playlist for when you are studying or working. From SHINee’s Jonghyun to B.I, here are eight chill K-Pop songs!

Urban Zakapa – ‘Drinking Coffee’

You might recognize the popular song from BTS, but did you know? It was actually a cover of Urban Zakapa’s debut song, “Drinking Coffee”! The song is mellow with a hint of jazz, which makes it perfect for listening to while studying or doing work while sipping on a cup of coffee – or, in the song’s case, a caramel macchiato.

Dean – ‘instagram’

A rather relatable song for anyone who likes to use social media, “instagram” is an R&B and soul track that expresses the feeling of gloom and the stuffiness of scrolling through someone’s social media feed. The trendy melody of the song will surely fill any dull silence while having to concentrate.

SHINee Jonghyun – ‘Moon’

While “Moon” is on the sexier side lyrically, the nu jazz track flaunts Jonghyun’s smooth and seductive voice, making “Moon” a vocal masterpiece to spice up your studying.

BTS RM – ‘seoul’

Produced by British electropop duo, HONNE, ‘seoul’ features a lo-fi melody in which RM talks about the tense relationship he has with the capital city of South Korea – Seoul. The calming yet exciting beats of the song is perfect to add to your study or work playlist.

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B.I – ‘illa illa’

Featuring a laid back melody and minimal trap beats, B.I accompanies “illa illa” with his soulful voice and rap, painting a picture that expresses loneliness and struggles that is eventually beaten by new found hope. “illa illa” is perfect to listen to for when you need a burst of energy and break from studying or working.

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Suran feat. Changmo – ‘Wine’

Produced by BTS’ Suga, “Wine” flaunts Suran’s vocals and Changmo’s rap harmony in a groovy hip-hop and R&B track that features a mix of future bass and electropop. Lyrically, the song is about a breakup, with the wine depicting how one remembers lost love while drinking it. Maybe while working, you can take a sip or two of wine!

ZICO feat. IU – ‘SoulMate’

An R&B and soul track, Zico and IU team up for the quirky yet calming song “SoulMate,” which revolves around – you guessed it! – soulmates! The song shows off another musical side to ZICO as he pairs his powerful rapping and vocals with IU’s sweet and relaxing voice – which makes for a feel-good song.

Suzy and Baekhyun – ‘Dream’

“Dream” is an R&B track accompanied by jazz and neo-soul sounds and is a collaboration track by Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun. Lyrically, the song is about two people falling in love. The two’s beautiful vocals are perfect for listening to for when you need a more upbeat song to lift up your mood while studying or working.

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Which is your favorite K-Pop song to listen to while studying or working?

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Written by Robyn Joan


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