8-Year-Old Girl Save Father’s Life, When She Wake up to Drink Water At Midnight.

An eight-year-old from Port Glasgow, Scotland, needed a glass of water in the middle of the night, and it saved her father’s life. As she passed her parents’ room, she heard strange noises and woke up her mother. 

When Rochelle Ramsey walked toward the kitchen during the night, she heard what she would later discover was her father, Chris Ramsey, 38, gasping for air. Ramsey, who has had multiple sclerosis since 2018, needed medical attention.

If not for the little girl, he would not have survived the night. Thankfully, after mother Sheryl Oribine, 37, was alerted, ambulance services were contacted immediately. Ramsey was then rushed to the hospital as he was busy going into septic shock.


Due to his multiple sclerosis, he has weak immunity and cannot walk. Oribine described the life-and-death moment and said they saw his teeth were chattering and he had a sky-high temperature. Ramsey was additionally treated for pneumonia.

His condition was unstable, and Oribine recalled the paramedic telling her that they needed to get her partner to the healthcare facility “right now.” The paramedic also added: “If it wasn’t for your wee girl, he would have died.”

The little girl was elated at the news of her life-saving efforts. She smiled brightly because “she saved her dad’s life.” The mother said it was an experience she will never forget.

She expressed: “It was a horrendous experience. He was deteriorating before my eyes.” Oribine now calls her daughter their “guardian angel.” Ramsey, on the other hand, calls their girl his “little hero.”

Due to strict Covid regulations, the family was unable to visit Ramsey as he recovered in hospital. Eventually, they could see him at the Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

By then, he had been stabilized and was on an oxygen machine. Doctors confirmed that Ramsey’s pneumonia had developed into sepsis, and he was in septic shock when their little girl found him.

The mother said that while it was terrifying, she was also so proud of her daughter. While he was in the hospital, the little girl kept asking when her dad would return home.

Oribine offered to purchase any toy for her daughter in the meanwhile, but she wasn’t interested. She simply missed her father. As soon as Ramsey was discharged, he started singing his daughter’s praises.

He has also been giving her lots of hugs, and she is overjoyed to have her “daddy” back home. Oribine is also still swelling with pride. She says that not many eight-year-olds have the chance to save their mom or dad’s lives.

They remain grateful towards her and the swift action she took when she realized her father was in danger. Netizens also commended the young girl, and one user called her actions “amazing.”


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