’90 Day Fiance’ BOMBSHELL News: Jon Walters Visa Update

Fans of 90 Day Fiance have been waiting to see if Jon Walters will get his approval to come to the United States and live. It looks like the reality star finally has an answer on his Visa. Jon went to his Instagram to share the news with fans about what was going on now. It turns out that he has an answer finally after all this time.

90 Day Fiance Jon Walters Instagram

Jon Walter’s Visa Status Revealed

It turns out that Jon Walters had his Visa denied. This may come as a shock to some fans considering how hard they have been working on it. Rachel and Jon Walters both post about updates and what is going on all the time. They have never kept the fans in the dark.

Jon posted a YouTube video with the details. It turns out that he was denied, but that might not be their final answer. You can watch what he had to say about it all below.

They had the information for awhile but hadn’t shared it with anyone until now. They got a bit more information and decided now was the time to explain to everyone what was going on.

What Happens Next?

Rachel and Jon Walters are not giving up just yet, though. They are still going to fight to make it where he can live in the United States with his wife and daughter. They filed for the Visa over a year ago. Jon had an interview at the Embassy back in May. Rachel simply said it was “turned down,” but Jon spoke up to make sure everyone knew that was “denied.” They are now filing for a waiver and they expected to have to do this. They hired a lawyer to help them along with this process.

Rachel said she had to do the waiver and get a packet all together that was well over 100 pages all about their life as a family and their daughter. They shared pictures, their story and how long they have been waiting. It took her about a month to get it all ready. The waiver was just filed last week and now they are waiting on that. It may take time to get another answer.

Jon Walters explained that they didn’t deny the Visa based on their family or story. It all had to do with his criminal record. The man doing the interview didn’t have any other choice.

Are you surprised to hear that Jon Walters of 90 Day Fiance had his Visa denied? Share your thoughts in the comments below and watch new episodes of 90 Day Fiance on TLC and discovery+.

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