90 Day Fiance Favorites Jovi Dufren, Yara Zaya, and Gwen Update Fans on Hurricane Ida Destruction
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90 Day Fiance Favorites Jovi Dufren, Yara Zaya, and Gwen Update Fans on Hurricane Ida Destruction

Of all of the recent stars of 90 Day Fiance and Happily Ever After?, one star stood out as a universally beloved fan favorite.

Gwen Eymard secured her MPV role on Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya’s storyline as a great mother and MIL.

Jovi, Yara, Mylah, Gwen, and Gwen’s husband, Monty, all live near New Orleans.

That area near the Gulf Coast is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes.

Hurricane Ida has devastated communities in that part of our country.

Many places are without power, and there was widespread flooding, with damage to roads and bridges.

Gwen, Jovi, and Yara have been keeping fans updated on their preparations for the storm — and the aftermath.

Gwen Eymard IG safe with Monty before Ida

Gwen Eymard, Jovi’s treasured mother, took to Instagram to reassure fans.

“We made it to our safe place,” she shared in a photo with Monty.

“And,” Gwen continued, “chose to have a couple of margaritas to ease the anxiety.”

Gwen Eymard IG forecast for Ida

“Look at the second pic,” Gwen wrote beside photos of the radar. “The blue dot is where we live.”

It was smart of her to get out of town with her loved ones.

Notably, Jovi and Yara also left town, traveling to Dallas to ensure that they and their baby would be safe.

Gwen Eymard IG house surrounded by water

“This is what we were sent last night,” Gwen wrote alongside an alarming photo of her (very familiar to viewers) home surrounded by flood water.

“I can’t contact anyone today to see if it’s still this way today,” she shared.

Gwen looked at the positives: “At least it’s still standing.”

Gwen Eymard IG caption under flood-adjacent house post-Ida

“Thank y’all all so much for all the well wishes,” Gwen wrote. “I wish I could answer everyone individually.”

She reiterated: “Again, thank you, thank you, thank you all.”

Gwen concluded: “PS. We have a generator that kicked on when the power went out.”

Jovi Dufren IG safe with Yara Zaya before Ida

“To everyone who has reached out. Thank you so much,” Jovi wrote in his own post before the storm.

“This is one of the worst storms to come through Louisiana, having a direct hit on my hometown,” he grimly acknowledged.

“Please keep my family and friends, and the whole state of Louisiana in your prayers as we weather this storm,” Jovi asked. 

Jovi Dufren IG throwback to pre-Ida

“We have safely evacuated to Dallas,” Jovi assured his followers, “and we are out of harms way.”

In a follow-up post, Jovi shared the above image, taken days before the storm drew close.

“Just a week ago I was standing here along the lake near where we live in Louisiana,” Jovi began

Jovi Dufren IG throwback to pre-Ida caption

“Everything was calm, and no one could expect what was coming,” Jovi explained.

“This area is now completely underwater, and as many of you have seen the amount of damage to Louisiana has been devastating,” he wrote.

“My home town took one of the hardest hits,” Jovi acknowledged.

Jovi Dufren explains how his plan to party backfired

“I will be continuing to post about this to raise awareness and get support for the people of Louisiana,” Jovi announced.

“I will be researching and being sure to post reputable information for donations/etc,” he shared.

“We still don’t know how soon we can go back home,” Jovi wrote, “what to expect when we arrive, or how long we will be without power.”

Jovi Dufren worries that baby Mylah won't remember him

“Most importantly myself and my family are all safe,” Jovi affirmed.

He expressed his “thanks everyone for the prayers and kind words over the last few days.”

Jovi admitted: “I have been trying to keep up with all of the messages.”

Gwen Eymard says that the new place is the right call, but will be hard for Jovi

“If anyone needs anything or wants to get the word out about something which can help our community, please message me,” Jovi asked.

He explained “as I will be doing my best to help anyone I can during this hard time.”

Yara made similar posts, highlighting the devastation in and around New Orleans and how many were not as fortunate as she and Jovi were.

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