90 Day Fiance Loren Shows Off Massive Weight Loss After Pregnancy

90 Day Fiance fans are well aware of Loren trying to shed the extra pounds after giving birth to her baby. She doesn’t hold back while posting her progress about her weight loss. In fact, she won the hearts of many new mothers by being open and transparent about all her postpartum struggles. Meanwhile, in a recent series of stunning selfies, Loren looked spectacular.

It seems like the weight loss transformation has brought out a healthy and fit version of her. She looked happy as her little boy photobombed an amazing series of pictures. Ever since Loren gave birth to her first baby Shai, she hasn’t been able to contain her happiness. It’s pretty clear that she loves being a mother to two adorable kids and the four of them seem like a really happy family. However, she realizes that postpartum life is not a bed of roses and never holds back while making fans aware of her struggles as a new mother. Let us take a detailed look at this.

90 Day Fiance Star Loren’s Spectacular Weight Loss Transformation

Since most women can resonate with her situation, she has gained a massive fan following after being a mom. Loren has also been open about not being a fan of joining the gym. But she works out the way that suits her. The couple welcomed their second child

about 4 weeks ago. Considering that not much time has passed since then, Loren’s fitness level is highly commendable.

While it was obvious to find series of appreciation in the comments section, some fans had other compliments for the TV personality as well. One viewer asked how she is able to keep her hair looking so healthy and amazing and asked what products she uses. Others called her fantastic and commented on how she was glowing. Most fans also pointed out how adorable baby Shai was looking in the pictures. Some viewers also gave her the nickname super mama! Not to mention, others wanted to know her daily workout routine.

Alexei and Loren seem like one of the most mature couples of the franchise. That’s one of the reasons why fans love watching them on the Pillow Talk. It was fun to watch them comment on other couples going through the same thing as them. In a previous post, fans also expressed their excitement to watch her undergo her journey through motherhood. Others wanted to see how Shai would be as a big brother. Fans also liked the name Asher Noah for her second baby.

What do you think of Loren’s beautiful family and weight loss transformation? Let us know in the comments below.


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