’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Cough it up, Corey!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Corey is having a hard time fathoming just how on earth he’s going to come up with $50-$60K to pay for his Ecuadorian wedding. Evelin has connections too, her wedding planner is the same wedding planner that planned the wedding of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and you don’t get much more bougie than that.

Corey and Evelin have owned a bar for 5 years and recently they purchased a beachfront property and were wondering if the wedding could possibly be held at that property, which would have saved them oodles of money, however, sadly, it can’t.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Cough it up, Corey!

The wedding planner simply said that she couldn’t make use of the space because they would have to build everything from the ground up on that lot. There was no place for the ceremony, the guests, the food, the drink – absolutely nothing except what looks to be four stone pillars standing upright. Honestly, it looked like a beach front roman ruin, only slightly more modern.

When the wedding planner gave him the cheap price and the bougie price, Corey hit the roof. “My friend had a nice wedding or $5,000. There’s no way I’m paying $50-$60,000 for a wedding in a third world country.” said Corey. Wow, tell me you come from privilege without telling me you come from privilege, Corey!

When Corey hinted about Evelin possibly helping out with the wedding, she only laughed and told him that that was not the way things were done in Ecuador, the groom (or perhaps groom’s family in some cases) pays for everything. Evelin’s family was surprised to see Evelin even thinking of getting married because before now she hadn’t planned on getting married, but obviously Corey had.

It’s clear to see that Evelin, whether this wedding goes down or not, will be completely fine, but I’m not sure that Corey will be. Even though he doesn’t want to pay for the wedding, it’s clear to see that Corey is way more invested in a wedding actually happening than Evelin is. So why are they getting married at all? Evelin says because it’s the right thing to do… we’ll see if that actually keeps them together. Stay tuned!!!

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