’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Ariela Weinberg Keeping Leandro On the Backburner To Dump Biniyam?

They got married and Ariela brought him over on a spousal visa, so this is not the first time that she’s had anything to do with being in a foriegn land, it’s just the first time that she’s ever had a baby in a foriegn land.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Okay we see now. Wow, Ariela’s the adventurous type, isn’t she? 

So on last week’s episode our collective jaws dropped to the ground as Ariela talked with her ex, Leandro, over skype and somehow he ended up coming to Ethiopia to see Ari, Avi, and by extension, Biniyam. We all saw the chemistry between the two as they chatted away and how Ari smiled and simpered over him, we also saw that this week she was all about wearing her best dress to meet him when she picked him up and even getting her nails done in preparation for his arrival.

(In Ari’s defense she did say two of her nails had broken off, but such is to be expected with Motherhood.) She said she wanted to look ‘put together’ in time for his arrival, but she also said something a little telling as well.

She said that before she was with Biniyam, she and Leandro were married for 10 years, and she also thought that after she finished traveling the world that she and Leandro would wind back up together. Did that cause anyone else to do a double-take or was it just me?

Consideirng how jealous Ariela has been of Biniyam, one would think that she didn’t have any other prospects on the line. However, as it turns out, she has a whole other ‘ace in the hole’ as it were, and from what we could see last week? He’s kind of into her too. After all, they were together 10 years… and unlike Ariela and Biniyam, there is no language barrier. So, was Ariela just keeping this guy on the backburner? It begs the question. Stay tuned!!!

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