‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Claps Back as Huge Implants Get Thumbs Down

Larissa Lima from 90 Day Fiance recently underwent a second round of breast augmentation with jaw-dropping results for her fans and critics. Yes, jaws dropped for both those folks who cheered for her new look and also for those who begged her to stop.

There’s a good reason for all this hoopla. Larissa Lima now has a chest that seems to arrive through a door long before she does. The 90 Day Fiance diva went big, very big with breast implants this time around.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima Flaunts Latest Additions

Once the bandages came off, it seems the online world was flooded with Larissa showing off the results of her new breast implants. But what seemed to get fans of 90 Day Fiance riled recently was Larissa saying she plans to go even bigger.

Right now Larissa reports that her implants hold at 1,500 CCs of saline. It seems she plans on going one-third bigger with 2,000 CCs of saline next time. Although, it’s not as if she needs to undergo breast implant surgery again to reach her new goal.

Unlike the first set of implants, which were silicon, they remained the same size. To go larger with silicone implants you would need an entirely new surgery with new implants. But this time around the 90 Day Fiance alum has options with her new saline type.

The benefit of the saline implant is that saline can be added or drained to change the size of her breasts. So, after she lives with these girls for a while her next goal is to go bigger.

Critics Can Be Mean

Larissa claims she did this and she likes the result. She also doesn’t care to hear all the negative remarks about her choice of larger breasts. Critics seem to range from those who care about Larissa to those who don’t.

Some just want to deliver jabs to the 90 Day Fiance famous celeb. But there’s a group of fans who genuinely seem to care. Critics suggest that the size doesn’t appear natural. As Soap Dirt previously reported, some critics go as far as to say Larissa Lima’s chest looks unappealing today.

But Larissa Lima has a comeback to those critics. She has something to say to all the critics, even for the ones who only worry about her. She likes them and to her, that is what matters. But she also has more of her wisdom to pass along to those who condemn her recent body modification.

Many of the fans sound concerned over what seems to be her preoccupation with surgery. This 90 Day Fiance famous lady had a nose job, a previous surgery for breast implants, a tummy tuck liposuction, and a fat transfer surgery.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Claps Right Back

First off, Larissa Lima names a few busty women who appear online and who’ve had breast augmentation to get that huge appearance. She looks up to them and has wanted to look like they do long before she became a famous 90 Day Fiance famous face.

Larissa Lima also accuses those who verbally punch her the hardest about this procedure as more than likely people who have had procedures done themselves. She suggests the 90 Day Fiance critics saying the mean things about her are probably sitting home filled with Botox injections.

So, those of you who wish her bad things, she wishes double back on them. But for those of you who wish her good things, she’d like to see triple the good things come back to them.

Larissa Lima has come a long way since becoming a 90 Day Fiance cast member. Fans can’t forget how she stepped off the plane and met Colt Johnson at the airport. The video from that time appears above. Back then all she wanted was flowers. Today she’s after bigger and better, which involves going under the knife.


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