911 dispatcher who took call on Brian Laundrie ‘hitting Gabby Petito’ slammed for ‘not taking claims seriously’

THE 911 operator who took a call reporting Brian Laundrie for “slapping” Gabby Petito a month before she went missing was slammed for not taking the claims seriously.

In newly released audio, the caller can be heard describing a “domestic dispute” in which “the gentleman was slapping the girl,” referring to Laundrie and Petito.


Footage shows Petito crying as she talks to officers
Police pulled Laundrie and Petito from the van


Police pulled Laundrie and Petito from the van
One user slammed police for 'nonchalant treatment' of Brian Laundrie


One user slammed police for ‘nonchalant treatment’ of Brian LaundrieCredit: Twitter

“We stopped. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hit her, hopped in the car, and they drove off,” the caller continued.

Twitter users were quick to rip the dispatcher for not taking the report “seriously.”

One wrote: “Did the @GCSheriffUtah dispatch not report the call correctly to the officers, or did the officers not take this report seriously??? Why was Brian given this nonchalant treatment???”

Another echoed: “Listen to the snide tone of that operators voice. Like they think this is some kind of prank.”

A third wrote: “How did those cops get this s**t so horribly wrong?”

Video footage from the Moab Police Department captures the moment officers stopped and questioned the couple on the highway later that day.

In the clip, Petito can be seen with tears streaming down her face as she tells the officers, “We’ve just been fighting this morning. Some personal issues.”

Laundrie then adds: “It’s been a long day. We were camping yesterday and camping got [inaudible] and stuff.”

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After the pair are ordered out of the vehicle and separated, Laundrie says: “I’m so sorry officer.”

Petito continues to cry as she explains in a trembling voice: “I have OCD and I was just cleaning and straightening…

“And I was apologizing to him and saying I’m sorry that I am so mean as sometimes I am so mean because I have OCD and get really frustrated.

“Not like mean towards him I guess my vibe is like in a bad mood and I said I’m sorry I’m in a bad mood I am stressed I had so much work.”

It comes as Wyoming authorities found human remains “consistent with the description” of Petito in Grand Teton National Park.

The FBI announced in a statement: “Today, the search revealed human remains consistent with the description of Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito.

“Full forensic identification has not been completed and we do not yet know the cause of death. We appreciate your patience as we work through this process.”

“The FBI and our partners extend our heartfelt condolences to Gabby’s family and loved ones,” the statement continued. “This is an incredibly difficult time for them, and our thoughts are with them as they mourn the loss of their daughter.”

Petito was last seen on August 24 leaving a hotel in Utah with fiancé Brian Laundrie on a road trip that took them to Grand Teton National Park.

Laundrie returned to Florida alone in Petito’s van on September 1.

Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, reported her missing on September 11 after she had not heard from her daughter for 13 days.

Schmidt later revealed that she suspected the last texts she received from Petito’s phone had been sent by someone else.

“It was just a text. I did not verbally speak to her,” she told Fox News.

Cops were seen swarming the Florida home of Brian Laundrie on Monday morning as they removed Laundrie’s parents from the home.

Investigators have also gained access to a hard drive found in Petito’s van that could contain “evidence relevant to proving that a felony has been committed,” according to the search warrant court filing.

Petito was reported missing on September 11


Petito was reported missing on September 11Credit: Instagram / Gabby Petito

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