A central London flat with an underground bunker is now for sale and people have questions

A central London flat that comes with an underground bunker is now for sale and it is as weird as it sounds.

The two bedroom art-deco flat, which costs £800,000 if you were wondering, is located in Clerkenwell and its nearest tube stations are Angel and Farringdon.

It looks pretty swish with a modern kitchen and spacious outdoor patio to boot. But perhaps its most unique selling point is that it, for some reason, comes with an underground bunker. Yes, really.

The online listing of the flat reads: “The underground bunker is very spacious and has been fully refurbished as usable space with its own ventilation system, heating and lighting, possibly good for a home office, gym, music room or a safehouse.”

If those options aren’t doing it for you, the listing then suggests it could be used for “just storage” and calls it “an amazing space.”

Reacting to it, after someone noticed the listing and posted it to Twitter, people were confused as to why anyone would want to purchase a bunker flat.

One said it could be used as a wine cellar:

While another said it would be a good place to hide if there was ever an apocalypse – which let’s face it, isn’t the craziest thing in the world in 2021:

And a third seemed pretty keen on it:

While a fourth noted it had distinct villain vibes:

What the buyer will use the bunker for, who knows. All we are saying is we hope the seller conducts a thorough criminal background checks on anyone who wants it.

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