A debate on Jennifer Carpenter’s ‘New Blood’ return

Dexter New Blood, season 9As we prepare ourselves for Dexter season 9 to air on Showtime this fall, there are big questions on Jennifer Carpenter. To be specific, how in the world is Deb going to be featured, and when will the show even showcase her role?

Let’s start with the idea behind her role itself. The obvious angle that producers could pursue here is working to make Deb the new Harry, a conscience that guides Dexter along and one that allows him to follow his trademark rules. Yet, is this really the best way to use her?

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The problem that Clyde Phillips and the rest of the producers have right now with Deb is rather simple: There aren’t a whole lot of other great story options for her. She’s dead, and we don’t think that the producers are altogether gung-ho about the idea of resurrecting her and undoing what we saw in the original series finale. We could see Deb in a series of flashbacks, but how much pull could you really get out of those? Our feeling is that they way Deb is used could be similar to Harry, but we don’t see the writers doing the same exact thing. At a certain point, isn’t that going to get a little bit predictable?

Ultimately, we just hope that we get a tease of Deb in some shape or form before Dexter: New Blood premieres in November. Now that we know that Carpenter is coming back to the show, there’s no real reason to wait on giving us some sort of teaser featuring her.

What do you most want to see from Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter season 9?

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