A different twist on the theme

MasterChef season 9Next week on MasterChef Legends episode 10, you better prepare yourselves for something a little different.

For the bulk of the season, what we’ve had a chance to see is a lineup of big-name chefs and culinary icons entering the kitchen as guest judges. That’s changing a little bit for at least one episode. Through “Cook for Your Legend,” the theme is more about the contestants themselves! Every person has their own personal hero, someone who inspired them and made them into the person they are today. You will see this story play out over the course of the next hour, and the synopsis below serves as your evidence:

Chef Ramsay challenges the home cooks to create a dish for the most important legend yet — their own personal legends; one home cook’s dish ends up on the chopping block.

This is hardly the most creative challenge we’ve ever seen, as we have had an opportunity to see variations of this at different points in the past. Yet, it’s always going to be fun for us to learn more about the contestants through their food and sense of creativity.

For those wondering what the schedule is going to be for the competition coming up, let’s just say that Fox is going to speed things up before too long. We’re going to see a two-hour block of episodes air on Wednesday, August 25, leading to another two-hour block the following week. The finale is currently set for September 15. Wondering why we’re getting these two-hour blocks at this point? A lot of it does have to do with that Olympic hiatus that took place over the past few weeks; the show is making up for lost time, as Fox understandably would like things wrapped up so that they can kick off their fall season in standard fashion come late September.

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