A Former Hacker Takes Us through How to Spot a Hidden Camera

Let me start off by saying that hidden cameras in hotel rooms or Airbnbs or any other place to stay overnight IS NOT a rampant problem. Yes, it has happened but it is certainly not a wide scale problem. Having said that, knowing how to protect yourself from any kind of intrusion is never a bad thing. That’s what we’ll learn from this former hacker on TikTok.


You can find his account on TikTok at malwaretech. He is a former hacker who gives all kinds of tech advice that is easy to understand, especially if you are not the most tech savvy. For instance, how RFID cards work. These are cards that could potentially steal the information from your cards that use the chip.

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But one thing we have heard on the news on a few occasions is someone discovering a hidden camera in their hotel room or even in the Airbnb they are staying at. While this isn’t a rampant problem, it does help to know how to spot a hidden camera.

malwaretech goes through some easy ways to spot them without the use of special equipment, just your cell phone’s flash light. I love technology, particularly when it comes to how small cameras have gotten while the resolution recording a video or taking photo has increased. It’s really cool. But with that advancement breeds certain people to use said technology in a nefarious manner.

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Again, hidden cameras in hotels or Airbnbs is not a massive or common problem but having the knowledge to prevent being intruded on when you just want to relax is always helpful.


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