A Hotel Cleaner Exposed The Worst Conditions Of How People Left Their Hotel Rooms.

A hotel cleaner shared several videos of how some hotel guests leave their rooms before checking out, and TikTok users are disgusted.


Although there are no rules about how hotel guests should leave their rooms, it is basic etiquette to tidy up or, at the very least, throw trash in the waste bin.

However, not all hotel guests clean up after themselves. In a series of TikTok videos, Shannon G, who goes by the username @shantons7, shared how some hotel rooms are left before she cleans them.

In her first video, Shannon shared how messy guests left their room with crumbs all over the floor. There was also what appeared to be a used undergarment on the bed.

The second video showed trash on the floor, furniture in disarray, and cooked crabs on the counter. “Is that a hamster in here?” Shannon asked in the video after seeing what looked like hamster food spilled on the floor.

Another video showed the room of what appeared to be a couple celebrating. In the clip, rose petals were scattered all over the floor, and balloons hung by the bedside lamp.

There was also smashed cake beside the bathroom sink with blue frosting on the towels and the shower door. To make it worse, the previous guest did not flush the toilet before leaving.

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Another video showed the room of what seemed to be guests in a hurry to leave. Not only was trash on the floor and bedside table, but they also left behind belongings such as a pair of white sneakers, black slides, a cap, and perfume.

Shannon’s posts have since attracted many comments from TikTok users who were disgusted by how some guests leave their hotel rooms. One person said:

“More people lack basic human respect and home training than I thought.”

Another user even compared such guests to animals and noted that they could have flushed the toilet at the very least.

Meanwhile, others shared proper hotel etiquette and claimed they left hotel rooms neat and clean upon checking out. A comment read:

“I can’t believe people actually leave messes like this. I always clean up after myself before I leave.”

TikTok has become an increasingly popular app in the past years where some employees reveal secrets in their workplace. Previously, a Costco worker revealed their lenient return policies at the store.

According to the woman, the establishment would still accept and fully refund a dead Christmas tree even after the holidays. Bed sheets used for five years can also be qualified for full refunds, among other things.


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