A Kind Woman Who Offered to Buy Food for a Man with No Money Was Rewarded with Free Groceries

A kind woman who agreed to buy a man with no money free lunch was rewarded with free groceries. It turned out that she had been having a rough past few weeks.

When a person has been through a difficult situation, they will empathize more with others in a similar state. This was what happened to a kind woman in a grocery store.

In a now-viral clip with nearly eleven million views and thousands of comments, Isaiah Garza captured a woman in tears after her kindness was immediately reciprocated.

It was probably a typical day for the woman doing her groceries at a local supermarket when a stranger walked up to her and asked:

“I forgot my wallet today, and I literally just want to buy this lunchable. Would you buy it for me?”

Immediately, the woman agreed and motioned for the man to place his item in her cart. Little did she know that he was conducting a social experiment.

The man later told her that all her groceries would be paid for and that she could add anything and everything to the cart, free of charge.

A similar story happened when Market Basket grocery employee, Briar Poirier, made headlines for helping a veteran pay his bill.

At first, the woman did not believe him. Then suddenly, she began to tear up and revealed that it had been a difficult couple of weeks as she had recently just buried her mother.

In fact, finances were tight, and she had to count her money before grabbing something to buy. The man later surprised her with flowers outside the supermarket to show how kindness is immediately repaid.

The video moved several TikTok users to comment about how touched and emotional they were while watching the clip. One comment read:

“She was adding up her cart to see if she can afford it. Yet she just said yes to your one thing. She’s got a heart of gold.”

Another user noted that the woman was probably thinking about what to remove from her grocery list so that she could pay for the man’s meal. A third person said:

“I love how she didn’t hesitate when she wasn’t sure if she had enough.”

This wasn’t the first time a random act of kindness happened inside a grocery store. Previously, a Market Basket grocery employee, Briar Poirier, made headlines for helping a veteran pay his bill.

Poirier was checking out a customer’s items who used a $25 store gift card to pay. However, the veteran was still short $3 on his total receipt. Without hesitating, Poirier reached for his wallet and covered the remaining balance.

Being kind does not come with a hefty price tag. Although the woman and Poirier had to spend a few dollars to change a person’s life, often it can be done for free with a helping hand.


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