A List of Things Not to Buy for Your First Kid – Guide by a Regretting Mom

An exasperated, frustrated mom was surrounded by all the wealth she threw away in the form of entirely futile articles, all close to being angrily hurled into the trash can. 

Being a mother is a challenging job, and even if you read all the books and attend all the classes, the real lessons are learned via experience and hindsight.

This is what happened with one mother, who shared her past mistakes with the online world. Cayley Wilders or @cayleywilders posted videos to TikTok revealing these motherly regrets.

Like many parents, Wilders was excited, mainly because it was her first baby, and she wanted to give her little one the world. However, the TikToker may have overstepped her budget a bit.

This large number of items she bought, she now sees as an absolute waste of money.  After one clip, Wilders was not done with her want-not list but had to post a Part 2 to convey the full scope of her buyer’s remorse.

In the first video, @cayleywilders walked around her house, showing what she now views as useless products. These included a baby sling and a purportedly ineffectual spray for post-natal pain, expressing:

“This overrated [expletive]. Expensive and did not help healing.”

The mother also shared that it was not the most brilliant move to purchase all the gear available for breastfeeding as she only breastfed for one week. Wilders complained about the plethora of scratch mitts and hats she owns that all fall off her baby.

The TikTok user then released Part 2 with a record catalog of items she thinks she should have left on the shelf. Talking about the brand new Moses basket she got for her little girl, she advised other parents:

“Only used for 2 months so get 2nd hand.”

It didn’t end there, as she stated her regret at buying a nappy disposal bin; the mom stated it smells terrible. The TikToker also said that she didn’t know the dangers of cot bumpers until after her little one came into the world, and so now it can’t be used for its original purpose.

The recordings have gone viral, with Part 1 amassing just under 32,000 likes so far and Part 2 bringing in even more, accumulating just under 159,000 likes. One individual in the Part 2 comment section expressed:

“The bin 🤢 the smell literally stains on the plastic if that makes sense 😂 no matter how much a clean or bleach it.”

Overall, many commenters expressed what a wonderful mother the TikToker is, as she just wanted to provide her little girl the best she could. The loving mom may regret the items, but she can’t regret her why, which is her baby angel.

Wanting to spoil one’s firstborn rotten is not uncommon, but once the children start piling up, frugality starts to appear more attractive. This is why Angie, a mother of 8, has chosen she will no longer be buying her children Christmas gifts.

The mom shared on Instagram that she came up with an alternative that keeps her children happy on this day and grows the gift of giving within their hearts.

Angie stated that she uses a hat where each kid sticks their hand and draws a name; whoever they draw, they will have to buy a present.

She provides them with a budget to purchase these gifts as they are still young, but they will have to make money to buy these items as they get older. What do you think of these moms’ approaches? Did Wilders spoil her baby, or is this an exaggeration? Is Angie’s method intelligent or problematic?


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