A man tells a woman to look ‘pretty’ for a date; She dresses like a goth and puts it up on TikTok

If there’s one key dating faux-pas, it’s telling your match what to do.

One man seems to have missed this memo, however, after he told his Tinder date how to dress for their meet-up.

TikTok user Megan Elizabeth documented her encounter with the suitor, called Trevor, who she’d arranged to meet at a Panera bakery in the US.

In a caption to the clip, she explained that after asking her out on a date Trevor messaged her saying: “Please look pretty and don’t show up looking like a goth witch or something. I don’t like that’.”

But she was having none of it.

The rest of the video shows Megan transform her face from makeup-free to full goth glam, complete with black lips and smokey charcoal eyes.

“I decided to get ready and do the exact opposite of what he requested because I do what I want,” she says triumphantly.

Showing off her new look she adds: “Good thing I don’t give a F if he thinks I’m pretty.”

In a follow-up, she recorded her trip to the bakery, showing herself waiting for Trevor and explaining that she’d texted him to let her know she’d arrived.

She then posted a screen-shot showing his furious response.

“I literally just saw you walking by….all girls are the same,” he wrote.

“I asked for one thing…for you to look pretty and not dress like that.

“I’m not coming in and being out in public with you like that so embarrassing.”

Luckily, Megan wasn’t in the least put out by his reaction.

Instead, she filmed herself happily tucking into a bagel and sipping a glass of wine. And “practising [her] witchcraft,” she joked.

Her videos of the ill-fated encounter racked up more than 2 million likes in less than two days, as fellow TikTokers voiced their delight at Megan’s general bad-assery.

Referring to Trevor, one wrote: “I really hope he sees this and sees all the girls roasting him in the comments. The AUDACITY to tell you how to look.”

“At least he was kind enough to hand you the first red flag before you even met,” joked another.

“And that, ladies, is how you dodge a bullet,” said a third.

Even Tinder and Paneera got in on the action, with both companies’ official accounts sharing their admiration for Megan.

“Wow, people really got bold in this Paneera, huh,” the bakery chain wrote.

While Tinder said: “I am obsessed with you and your wine glass.”

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