A Man Tried to Smuggle More Than 300 Pounds of Meat Across the US Border

  • Customs and Border Protection said it seized 350 pounds of rolled meats at the southern border. 
  • A 20-year-old US citizen did not declare them and allegedly had them hidden in their car. 
  • CBP said the individual said they planned to resell the meats.

A 20-year-old US citizen was caught allegedly attempting to smuggle more than 300 pounds worth of rolled meats into the country, US Customs and Border Protection said. 

On August 26, Agriculture Specialists seized 320 pounds of pork bologna and 30 pounds of turkey ham from a 2012 Honda Odyssey at the Paso Del Norte Border Crossing. 

Inspection officers got a negative declaration for any fruits, meats, vegetables, plants, and live animals, but sent the car for another inspection where they discovered “31 rolls of bologna and 2 rolls of turkey ham concealed under blankets, under the seats, center console, and inside a duffel bag,” CBP said. 

CBP said pork products could introduce foreign animal diseases that could harm US agriculture. 

“With the recent detection of the African Swine Fever in the Dominican Republic, it is important that no pork products are brought into the US,” said CBP El Paso Director of Field Operations Hector Mancha. 

CBP said the driver of the car said he planned to resell the meat in the US. 

The products were destroyed by CBP and the man was given a $1,000 civil penalty. 

This isn’t the first time CBP has seized bologna at the US Southern border. In February, agents in New Mexico seized almost 200 pounds of bologna that were being smuggled in from Mexico.

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