A New Video Shows How a Woman Safely Jumped Off a Hawaii Cliff

  • TikToker Monica San Luis posted a video in July that seemingly showed her jumping off a cliff.
  • She revealed this weekend that there was actually a stone landing beneath the ledge.
  • Some commenters say the new video made them even more nervous than before.

An influencer who shocked viewers with a daring TikTok stunt last month has now revealed that everything in her video was not as it seemed.

Hawaii-based Monica San Luis posted a video on July 31 that seemingly shows her jumping off a grassy cliff into a blue sea. Across the video, she wrote: “when your friends wanna talk about what happened at the bar last night.”

The nerve-wracking clip has since been viewed more than 2 million times, and has garnered thousands of comments from anxious viewers.

In the days and weeks after posting the clip, San Luis shared numerous videos about fashion and life in Hawaii. It wasn’t until Sunday that she revealed why her viral video is actually an optical illusion.

In response to a commenter who wrote “need a reveal of where u jumped to,” the TikToker shared a new clip of herself — seemingly taken on a different day, as she’s wearing a different outfit — jumping from the same spot. It’s since been viewed more than 5 million times.

This time, however, the camera follows her and reveals her leaning back and waving on a stone landing beneath the ledge.

As many commenters pointed out, the ledge San Luis landed on doesn’t seem to jut out very far beneath the higher ledge. As a result, fellow TikTokers said they’d be nervous about falling if they attempted the same stunt. Others said the reveal made San Luis’ original video look even scarier.

San Luis, however, doesn’t seem to be too worried about the cliff. She posted another video on Sunday that shows her jumping from the ledge and then posing beside it.

Monica San Luis did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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