A newborn donkey that was rejected by its mother is being hand-reared by a human ‘mum’.

12-day-old Kye is being fed milk from bottles and wears a nappy while inside his home in Lincolnshire.

Kye’s owner John Nuttall began bottle-feeding the animal in desperation after it was rejected by both its mother and a surrogate with help from his neighbour Grazina Pervenis.

Nuttall told BBC News: “She rang me one night to ask me how the foal was doing. I said ‘He’s not very well, he’s poorly’. She took the foal away that night about midnight, stayed up literally the night and kept bottle-feeding him.

“She put a nappy on him so he didn’t mess in the house and kept him on his feet through the night.”

Pervenis admits that it has been “a bit crazy” having a donkey around the house.

She said: “He feels at home.

“He has been very well behaved. He is cheeky, he likes to play but no damage.”


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