A Police Officer Barrels into an IHOP, Yells at Everyone to “Get on the Ground” and Falls Over

In a TikTok posted by @mee3mee3.123, a police officer barrels into an IHOP, yells at everyone to “get on the ground” and falls over.

When the video begins, two officers charge at a group of diners at an IHOP. One officer begins to push customers into different areas of the restaurant and out of a larger crowd. As people talk with officers, a woman yells at an IHOP waiter.

That’s when a cop rushes into the restaurant with a flashlight on and yells “everyone on the ground now.” He then pushes the diners onto the ground, and they all fall over. Then, he falls over himself.

“Unnecessary!” someone yells. “Just ask them to stop! Just ask them to stop and walk outside.”

Another officer yells at everyone to “stay on the fucking ground.” The officer who fell over yells at the woman who’s shouting to “stop fucking talking” with his gun out of its holster.

“Who’s running this place?” the officer says out to the IHOP customers in a follow-up video.

Customers remain on the ground staring at the officer as he talks with another waiter. Another cop then jostles a woman into handcuffs.


“I didn’t do anything,” she says, crying. Another woman is then handcuffed, as well.

“Stop talking,” the officer says to the second woman being handcuffed. “If somebody talks to you, then you can talk.” Neither of the women who were handcuffed was shown being read their Miranda rights in the video.

Commenters on TikTok reacted to the video with disgust and laughter.

“He’s on a power trip,” wrote @bigtone54 on the second video. “All of them need to lose their badges.”

“These are the types of officers that shoot first and ask questions later,” commented @brooklyn609609 on the original video.

“He was so into putting everyone on the group he even put himself on the ground,” wrote @rudyolfo83, with many laughing emojis.

“How the teacher across the hall comes in when nobody is listening to the sub,” commented @toytoydst1913.

Some did side with the police, however.

“They were still trying to fight even though the police was there and couldn’t care less,” commented @yosnw93.

The Daily Dot has reached out to IHOP via email and @mee3mee3.123 through a TikTok comment.


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