A Pregnant Woman Woke Up From COVID-19 Coma, Very Confused After Learning Her Son Had Already Been Born.

Kelsie Routs was 28 weeks pregnant when she fell into a coma due to COVID-19. When she awoke, her son had already been born.

When Kelsie Routs contracted COVID-19, her unborn baby was her top priority. After waking up from a coma, she was surprised to know that she had already given birth.

The unvaccinated mom-of-three began to feel symptoms at 28 weeks pregnant in August. At that time, she lost her sense of smell and taste while feeling body pain.

Two days later, Routs experienced breathing difficulties that made her seek professional help. When she arrived at the hospital, she was diagnosed, put on a ventilator, and given the highest oxygen level. She shared:

“I wasn’t in any condition to give birth normally, so two days after being admitted, the doctors put me under heavy sedation and delivered Kobe by C-section.”

Kobe came through an emergency cesarean section after doctors deemed it the best option for both the mother and child.

Kobe had to regain his strength at the hospital for 40 days before he could go home to his family. Although in disbelief at what had happened, Routs is happy to have made it home safely with her child.

“It’s like a miracle,” she said, while her partner added, “To get into a coma and then wake up and have a baby. It’s the stuff of miracles.”

Although a special case, Routs was not the only woman who woke up from a coma only to find out they birthed a child. Previously, Dr. Perpetual Uke contracted COVID-19 while six months pregnant.

She ended up relying on a ventilator to breathe at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth hospital and was placed in an induced coma for nearly a month.

Nurses in the NICU were also emotional when Uke gave birth, and her twins survived.

At that time, doctors said having a premature birth was safer for both Uke and the twins. On April 10, Palmer and Pascal were born by cesarean section.

After waking up from the coma, Uke thought about the worst possible outcome. “I was delusional. I couldn’t see my bump, and I thought my babies were gone, and all my family had died,” she said.

Her twins stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 116 days, struggling to survive. Admittedly, Uke didn’t know if they would make it.

However, she was amazed at what science could do and how it could save lives. Nurses in the NICU were also emotional when Uke gave birth, and her twins survived. It was something they called a miracle.

According to de Melo, her mom and husband had an affair while she was fighting for her life and ended up getting married later on.


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