A School has a Suspended a Girl for Wearing Wrong Trousers

A furious dad from Bristol is slamming a Henbury high school for suspending his daughter for not conforming to the school’s dress code. He stated his grievances on social media, drawing sympathizers to his cause.

Tom Brewer, a man from Bristol, saw nothing wrong with his daughter opting for stretchy black bottoms, as against the school’s policy demanding pants of more sturdy material.

Hence, when his daughter, along with several other students who preferred stretchy pants, was suspended for not adhering to the uniform code, the dad was left fuming.

The teenager, who attends Blaise High School, Henbury, was devastated when she was sent out of classes and put in supervised learning.

Brewer considered the school’s approach as an attempt to body shame his daughter and has since called them out. Taking to Facebook, the dad recounted his plight on the platform, saying:

“Just wondering if any other parents have had any problems with Blaise High school and their kid’s school uniform?”

He proceeded to explain how he got a heartbreaking phone call from his devastated daughter complaining the school made her and some friends sit on a bench because their school trousers did not meet the school’s criteria.

After waiting for almost an hour for the school to notify their parents of the situation as required, his daughter finally got bored and called him instead.

The dad admitted to being angry that his daughter had to inform him of the situation herself. When he finally reached out to the school, he notified them bluntly that he had no intention of buying more pants.

He also made it clear that he intended to send his daughter to school in the same pants the next day, and they were welcome to send her home again. Expressing his grievances, he said: “I believe the school is body shaming the children. Have any of the parents experienced this?”

Many parents who had kids at Blaise High utilized the comments to share their similar experiences with the learning institution.

One woman, Kerry Haynes, pointed out that the school’s culture of suspending students over the most meager issues was affecting their mental wellbeing. Another commenter wrote:

“I’ve read quite a lot of things about this school bullying. Mostly it’s so wrong, but schools these days care more about attendance and uniform and Ofsted than they care about bullying. It’s disgusting.”

Other parents recalled how their kids went through dehumanizing practices like doing roll calls in the rain, having sport practice in inclement weather conditions, and getting a warning for looking another student in the face or bending to pick up a fallen stationary.

Most commenters admitted they had organized protests in the past to kick against body shaming and mental health issues. However, their efforts yielded no positive change as the school failed to take action. Flustered by the shocking revelations, one Facebook user wrote:

“If they send them home for pathetic reasons, let them pay the fines. I’d keep them home. The law has made us take out kids to school anyway. They own us!”

Via comments, Brewer shared an update on the situation, saying he and the girls organized a protest outside the school. He ended up being approached by Mr. Parnell, the director of secondary school education Greenshaw Learning Trust.

On his terms, the school offered to take the girls to the mall to buy them suitable pants using the school funds since they couldn’t find any that fit within the school.

While the dad raised concerns about that development, he could only celebrate his little progress, as his only wish was to see his daughter resume her education peacefully.


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