A STAY-AT-HOME girlfriend has gone viral for her lavish lifestyle

A STAY-AT-HOME girlfriend has gone viral for her lavish lifestyle of shopping sprees, flights to Miami for lunch, luxury holidays, and designer goodies. 

Janee, believed to be from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is trolled online for her lifestyle – but says she doesn’t care.

She boasted about getting VIP tickets for Beyonce

In one video, she says: ‘He [my boyfriend] was going to work, so I literally had to drive myself around today, which I thought was so rude of him.’

She then heads to department store Saks where she buys a pair of patent Christian Louboutin heels.

‘I’m really into classic looks right now,’ she says, adding she had cocktails and gossip with a pal too.

She captions a number of her videos ‘spoilt’.

‘I got bored, so I went to Miami,’ she says in another video, showing herself drinking frozen wine slushies by the pool.

‘She loves me, I love her,’ she says of Beyonce – explaining she got $800 tickets for front-row seats at one of her shows.

On one occasion she flew to Florida for dinner

‘We booked a luxury VIP king suite with ocean views,’ she explains about a trip she took to Cancun, Mexico, during the pandemic (she also visited Barbados and the Turks and Caicos Islands).

On another occasion, she says: ‘Flew to Miami just for dinner.

‘I woke up this morning craving prime, so we made dinner reservations and flew down to Miami,’ she says.

Her drink choice is... Champagne


Her drink choice is… ChampagneCredit: Tiktok/@janee.xox

She shares details of her amazing life online

In her message to ‘trolls,’ she says: ‘You can’t depend on YOUR man – yes, I’m trolling the trolls.’

Reaction to her was mixed – with loads of people admitting they wanted her lifestyle. ‘I want to be a lady of leisure,’ wrote one person.

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