A Teen Daughter Thought She Wiill Never See Her Mother Until a Letter from Her

A girl finds her mother in an unconscious state and gets her admitted to a hospital. She moves in with her mom’s friend, hoping her mother will come to get her, but she never does. Two years later, she receives a strange letter from her mom. 

A person posted a thread titled, “Tell your craziest family drama here.” Many users responded to the thread, but one stood out from the crowd. A user responded from a now-deleted account, saying her family drama is can be summed up in two words—her mother.

The 13-year-old Redditor was sucked into a tornado of family drama when she moved in with her mother. In just one week, things changed for the worse when she found her mother lying unconscious.


The girl’s mother was single but had several relationships. However, her multiple relationships were acceptable. However, the worst was still to come.

The girl realized her mother was bluffing. The woman left angrily, and the teen thought she’d never see her mother again. But almost two years later, she received a strange letter from her.

When the Redditor was 13, her mom rented a room in a new house and forced them to move. Her older sister had already moved in with her friends. So it was just her and her mom until her mom’s boyfriend, Mike, moved in with them too.

A week later, she found her mom lying unconscious on the couch. Their room had no phone, so she tried to call an ambulance from the living room. Her mom’s boyfriend was on the phone, and he ignored the emergency. The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“Mike was on the phone, so I asked if I could use the phone. There was an emergency, my mom was sick, and I need to call an ambulance.

The girl dashed to the grocery store and called her mom’s friend because she didn’t have a clue where they lived. The woman assured her she’d send help and asked the girl to stay where she was. OP went to the woman’s house, assuming her mom would come to get her once she was better.


However, OP’s mother left the hospital against medical advice and didn’t contact her friend either. By now, the girl started to get suspicious, but she had no clue what to do.

“She left the hospital against medical advice and (to my knowledge) did not contact her friend,” OP explained.

Her mother didn’t show up to collect her, and the woman with whom OP stayed told her to find a suitable place elsewhere. The teen called her sister to see if she could move in with her but was turned down.

Instead, OP’s sister contacted her uncle and aunt to help her. Luckily, they agreed. She moved in with her uncle’s family with nothing more than a duffel bag of things and the clothes she wore. She explained:

“After staying with them for a few days, they offered to adopt me, and I agreed since I didn’t really know what else to do.”

OP thought she’d never see her mother again, but her mother showed up looking disturbed and frustrated a month later. OP overheard her mother and uncle having a heated argument before her mom came into her room and asked her to pack her things and move back in with her.


OP told her mom she wanted to stay there but would consider moving in with her once she settled down and got a job. Her mother condemned her for abandoning her and tried portraying the girl as a horrible person and left. OP added:

“Finally she gave me an ultimatum: either go with her now, or never see her again. I chose to stay.

The girl realized her mother was bluffing. The woman left angrily, and the teen thought she’d never see her mother again. But almost two years later, she received a strange letter from her.

The apologies her mom penned in the long letter enraged her, giving her a glimpse of how horrible her mother had been. She tore the letter to pieces and threw it away. Today, the girl is in her late 20s and has moved on for good.

Family dramas are typical to every household, but sometimes, you need to take a stand for yourself. We’d love to know your opinions!


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