A TikTok Star Is Joking That She Looks Like ‘Mr. Bean’s Daughter’

“Right after that video, people noticed that the initial makeup made me look like Mr. Bean in the female version,” she said. “Initially, I didn’t take it very well because I found it offensive.”

“It was not easy to see all those comments, it was like I was living in another reality, in which everyone feels able to offend someone just because they are behind a screen (the so-called keyboard warriors) practicing what is known as cyberbullying.”

Although the comments initially hurt her, Fabiola said that she has since come to embrace the comparison.

“As the months went on, I realized that this was one of my strong points,” she told LADBible. Now, her TikTok bio says that she usually goes from “Mr. Bean to Kendall Jenner.”

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