A TikTok User Breaks Down in Tears after Experiencing a Nightmare With Her New Haircut That Cost More than $150

One woman was devastated after ending up with a haircut that was a far cry from what she requested from her hairstylist. She broke down while displaying the haircut disaster on TikTok.

TikTok user @emilythecounsellor experienced a nightmare after visiting her go-to salon to get a spectacular haircut. The result was something she would never have expected, given the exorbitant price she paid for the hairdo.

Taking to TikTok, she shared a video of herself tearing up as she narrated her devastating ordeal. The clip began with a photo of Emily in a salon with her back to the camera, and her hair split into blonde and black hues on either side.

A sobbing Emily pointed out that the split dye hairstyle was exactly what she wanted to give herself a cool makeover. However, after booking an appointment at an expensive salon, she ended up with a ruffled hairstyle that made her appear shabby.

With her hand over her mouth, the woman referred to her haircut as ugly before showing two more snaps of what she expected.

The hairstyles shown in the pictures were perfectly cut, neatly dyed, and parted at the middle, in contrast with Emily’s, which appeared uneven and sported traces of orange streaks. She captioned: “I literally paid a salon for this.”

Further in the post, Emily revealed she paid a whopping $140 to her hairstylist and an additional $30 in tips. She only noticed how botched her hair was after leaving the salon and peeking into her rearview mirror.

She shared a follow-up video, where she explained it was her hairdresser’s first time doing a split dye. Rather than use the coffee-brown dye, she opted for a black one, worsening the situation by not bleaching her hair correctly.

Emily also claimed the hairdresser did everything in a hurry to avoid keeping her next client waiting. Even after observing the dye applied was black, the stylist carried on. She also faltered in some other procedures, but Emily remained mum since her hairdresser was the expert.

The woman called the salon the next day but was informed the hairdresser had no obligation to fix the mistakes. That left Emily with no choice but to even out the locks herself.

The clip, which has racked up to 102,000 views, has received various reactions from TikTokers. Most users slammed the hairdresser’s unprofessionalism while calling out the salon for their uncultured attitude. One comment read:

“As a professional stylist, this isn’t acceptable. I would be spending more time in getting your money back.”

Others tried consoling the distressed woman while suggesting possible fixes. Several users insisted the dye job was not so bad, as it only needed a few adjustments in the right places. One



“It’s almost there though. Toning or maybe one more round of color. It’s bizarre the stylist couldn’t even succeed in that. Wasn’t even orange.”

Some TikTokers tried blaming the hair disaster on Emily, suggesting she probably failed to give the stylist her hair history before the procedure.

Most insisted she persuaded the stylist to complete the hairdo in one session, which wasn’t feasible, while others believed she had leftover colors in her hair before the session, resulting in the uneven tone. One TikToker was quick to clamp down suck remarks, saying:

“Even if she had previous color, no stylist should let someone leave like that. They should have at least made the lvl even from root to end.”

Despite the harsh remarks Emily received, the hair enthusiast maintained she had no fault in the terrible hair, as she equipped her stylist with everything she needed to know.

American women are not the only ones who are particular about their hair. There have been many other cases where people registered their grievances after their stylist didn’t do what they asked for with their hair.

In 2019, a Turkish woman went viral for passing out dramatically after her hairdresser chopped off 30cm from her long hair without her consent on the show, “Kiäforuüm Sensin.”

The incident stirred an uproar on social media, bringing up debate about the unchecked activities of hairstylists.


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