A TikTok video shows a cat surprised to hear that he’s a cat–and people can’t get over his facial expression

Many of us have been surprised in life, whether that’s through birthdays, random gifts of food, or free clothing.

But what happens when the surprise shocks you to your core?

Such was the case for one cat, who was seemingly surprised to hear that he was a part of the feline family—and people can’t stop talking about his reaction.

Tyler, a medical student who goes by @_unctarheel_ on TikTok, uploaded a video that amassed over 2.1 million views at the time of writing that showed his adorable cat named Wilbur, who appeared flabberghasted regarding the truth about his species.

With the text on the screen that read, “Broke the news to him,” Tyler began to unveil the bombshell.

“Wilbur, you do know you’re a cat, right?” the TikToker said as Wilbur looked up at him, with his mouth agape and confusion in his eyes.

Yeah, I thought you knew,” the TikToker continued.

Check out the video below.

People in the comments didn’t hesitate to talk about Wilbur’s shock and his “greatest facial expressions.”

“What…? I—….my life was a lie? I’m not a chicken?” someone jokingly wrote.

“Poor baby. He wasn’t expecting that news at all,” another added.

Someone else believed that Wilbur is taken aback that his owner is, in fact, not a cat.

“He’s not shocked that he’s a cat. He’s just at a loss because he’s trying to process the fact that you aren’t one,” they wrote.

Tyler has other videos of Wilbur loving good old tummy rubs and showing affection and his chihuahua named Bailey eating puppuchinos from Starbucks and sneaking some french fries.

It’s safe to say that there’s never a dull moment for Tyler and his pets!

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