A TikToker Reported Her Boyfriend of 2 Years Missing Only to Find Out He Didn’t Exist

A woman has taken a bold step to empower other women after discovering her boyfriend of two years had been lying about his identity all along. Sadly, she only found out after he ghosted on her.

One TikToker’s trust for her boyfriend blew up in her face when he took off after two years together, leaving her thinking he went missing. She realized the actual situation after filing missing person reports at the station.

Taking to TikTok, the woman, Kathryn, recounted her story. She claimed her boyfriend of two years, name withheld, vanished from her life in April 2020.

All attempts to determine his whereabouts proved abortive, forcing her to notify the police. However, following some background checks, the police informed her the person she was searching for did not exist.

She realized in that instant that her boyfriend lied to her the whole time. The discovery left Kathryn traumatized, but she decided to hold her head up.

In her quest for closure, the woman decided to share her story on TikTok, which blew up in no time. Millions of netizens saw the clip, including her ex, who was not so pleased by the supposed “defamation.”

Hence, he had his lawyer send Kathryn a cease and desist letter, threatening her to take down the video and stop posting about him.

For fear of getting sued, the woman complied with the order. She admittedly felt silenced and controlled for months until she decided not to let herself be manipulated and intimidated.

She resumed her video-sharing and kept speaking her truth to inspire everyone ready to listen. To reach out to more people, the woman has decided to create a podcast allowing other women with similarly disheartening experiences to share their stories and speak up.

That way, they could jointly help more women in relationships spot the red flags and act on them before their love life became a sob story.

Pointing out some of the red flags she ignored, Kathryn noted her ex-partner excused his constant absence as “being busy” because of his job as a consultant.

They met up just once a week and always at hotels; he claimed he was not on social media and constantly failed to fulfill his promises. He also declined all her attempts to meet his “supposedly” sick mom and his family, claiming he disliked them.

TikTokers have since offered Kathryn their support while blasting her ex-boyfriend for ghosting on her after pretending for two years. One wrote:

“It’s interesting he vanished, but when you do a TikTok, he suddenly reappears with an attorney. I’m gonna follow you just to support you.”

Some wondered how Kathryn’s ex felt he could threaten her for defamation when she never even knew his real identity to begin with; a comment read:

“How can he tell you to cease and desist? You aren’t saying his name right? Cos he never told you.”

Others encouraged the woman, commending her for beating the odds and sharing her story to help others without fearing the implications.

Meanwhile, some people chastised Kathryn, labeling her as a scornful ex-girlfriend for not letting go of the past and letting her ex live peacefully. One TikToker commented:

“Why can’t you just have a good two and wish the guy well? Why dig into things that he obviously didn’t want you to know?”

However, netizens were quick to bash such comments, noting they were why men like Kathryn’s ex felt entitled to getting away with their misdeeds.


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